Argentina: the FIT and the G20 summit, anti-imperialism just for show

The G20 summit has placed the debate of which course of action the revolutionary left should take, back in the spotlight. Diving into the debate, we have to criticize the FIT´s (Left Workers´ Front) sectarian mistake of not committing to the unitary actions against this summit of the imperialist powers.

An incorrect policy favors the enemy

This isn’t a new controversy. The FIT took up a similar sectarian position towards the unitary actions organized when Macri signed an agreement of submission with the IMF last September. The FIT refused to take part of the mobilizations and rallies that different organizations held in order to confront that agreement and IMF boss Lagarde. They thus helped to squander the chance of the left becoming a reference point for thousands who are looking for an alternative to Macrism and don´t want to return to the Kirchnerists´ double speak. The FIT´s abstentionist policy consisted of pasting up a poster and holding a small electoralist rally of their own.

During the G20 summit they acted the same. They refused to take part of the counter-summit we organized with over 200 organizations that took place on November 28 in the Faculty of Social Sciences and on November 29 at Congress Plaza, with several forums and debates, and the participation of organizations and activists from different countries.

For the November 30 mobilization, the FIT proposed that the march be held well into the afternoon, a more testimonial, complicated and risky proposal, on a day with restricted transportation and a militarized city. Offering poor excuses, they refused to sign the unitary document of the march and held a previous rally on their own. This divisionist position comes from their desire to differentiate themselves from the rest, which in turn comes from their electoralist assimilation to the bourgeois democratic regime. This often impedes them from being up to the challenge. They reject unitary actions on the streets, and also fail to propose any alternative action to develop and massify the anti-imperialist struggle.

Unity in action and political independence

This is the consistent policy we defend in the MST and the Anticapitalist Network. From the start we were in favor of organizing the necessary unitary actions to build the greatest possible rejection of the G20 and IMF. And we never compromised our political independence, since we carried our anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist politics to every event, differentiating ourselves from those who promote political unity with bourgeois sectors as well as from the failed false progressives. At the same time, we’re working on creating ties with different organizations in the region to raise a continental coordination against the advance of fascist projects like Bolsonaro’s in Brazil.

During these events, two opposed positions were expressed once again. If you do not share the FIT´s sectarianism of their just-for-show anti-imperialism, if you believe unity of action to mobilize as well as socialist and revolutionary political independence are necessary, we invite you to join the MST.