Campaign of solidarity with Nicaragua

Whereas since April 18, 2018 a policy of State terrorism has been established in Nicaragua;

Whereas this policy manifests itself in the actions of the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo;

Whereas the police, violent gangs and paramilitaries have not only executed orders to shoot against the youth, students, farmers, workers and the people in general, perpetrating more than 500 murders and at least 1300 disappearances; but have also criminalized almost every form of demonstration and pacific protest;

Whereas there are more than 600 political prisoners, whose detentions were arbitrary since they were carried out without arrest warrants cording to the law;

Whereas this list grows every day and there are over 380 people criminally accused and a total of 32 were condemned to more than 15 years of prison for crimes they didn’t commit;

Whereas in most cases, these political prisoners do not know the reason for their detention; nor do they have their basic rights to defense and contact with their families guaranteed, and are imprisoned in precarious conditions of hygiene, health and food;

Whereas a wide number of people have denounced the jailers of using physical and psychological torture as intimidation methods;

Whereas it’s expensive to economically support an imprisoned person, and many of these families are of low income and find themselves unemployed because of the national crisis; some must travel from other towns, making the trip more expensive, in addition to the legal costs, with the food and medicine required daily by political prisoners, many of them with chronic illnesses, cancer and health problems.

We resolve:

1. To deepen and massify the international campaign in solidarity with the Nicaraguan people, for the liberation of the political prisoners, the apparition of the disappeared, the immediate resignation of Ortega and Murillo, the convention of a free and sovereign constituent assembly and the trial and punishment of all responsible of the state terrorism of this dictatorship

2. Recovering the experience of the campaign for the freedom of the political prisoners of Somoza’s dictatorship, to hold an event “for a Christmas without political prisoners” with mobilizations and actions in every Nicaraguan embassy and consulate on December 21.

3. To carry out, in the remaining days of 2018 a campaign on social media, with videos, photos and fliers “for a Christmas without political prisoners in Nicaragua”.