Venezuela: Guaido´s return to the country reveals agreements with Maduro

March 6, 2019.– Guaido returned to Venezuela yesterday without any inconvenience, determined to advance with his plan of attaining power. His “rescue of the country” shows that what he really wants is to rescue transnational capital and strengthen the domestic and foreign bourgeoisie, which responds to the interests of imperialism, with the United States at its head. His “Plan Pais” implies the re-privatization of companies and public services, the (further) liberation of prices, more external debt and lay-offs in the public sector. This is the panorama that the already beaten down workers and people of Venezuela face.

Guaido´s “process of rescue, recovery and social transformation” is as perverse for the working class as Maduro´s “plan of economic recovery”. This other face of capital seeks to increase a debt that the workers who constitute the motor of the world jave not aquired, and they want us to believe that, this way, we will reach the “well being and progress of our Venezuela”.

Thus, this March 4 we witnessed how Guaido returned to Venezuela, amid U.S. interventionist threats. He arrived with a call to cease the usurpation and the proposal of a transitional government, but backed by the threat by the United States of a “strong response” if Venezuela would have impeded his return.

The negotiations between Guaido and Maduro are obvious and visible, because behind the mask of the “brave self-proclaimed president”, who had left the country ilegaly, lies the certain fact that the agreement advances. Many people, in their desperation to get rid of Maduro, are supporting the interventionist plan, though it´s not directly military at the moment.

A call to build and fight for a workers´ program

For us, it is fundamental to raise, with all our strength, a working-class program, independent from the interests of imperialism from the United States, China, Russia and the Vatican, as well as from Maduro´s government and the bureaucracy that has attempted to clench onto power.

It is fundamental that working people develop their mobilization independently, despite being in the middle of the fog of this polarization imposed by the leaderships. Only this way will we be able to impose a true revolutionary constituent process to discuss how to recover the country´s economy, but from our own perspective.

It is urgent and necessary to promote a true transformation of the country. The recovery that the leaderships in dispute talk about, is only in favor of one or another imperialist sector, while they will continue their private accumulation of capital, at the cost of selling the country to the highestbidder. This is why we must open a great national debate, in which workers can decide what to do with the economic model, natural resources, wages, health care, education, among other issues, aimed at implementing an emergency plan that should begin by not paying the external debt, recover the billions of dollars stolen from the country that are held in personal off-shore accounts and the international financial system. With those resources, it is possible to recover the national wage, impose strict controls over foreign trade and domestic production to halt inflation, punishing companies who continue to raise prices.

Marea Socialista´s call is to every sector, organization and individual, and to the Venezuelan anti-capitalist left, who are opposing foreign interventionism and Guaido, and who also confront daily with the Maduro government and the bureaucracy, to conform an anti-capitalist and truly socialist political alternative in Venezuela. This is the way to advance and win over the new generations to organize and fight for workers to be the ones to govern and decide on everything.

Marea Socialista