Venezuela: No confidence in the UN, the Vatican or any pro-imperialist government

The Venezuelan people are carrying out a brutal resistance against the authoritarian, militarist and exploitative government of Maduro. During the “electric emergency”, which has the people going through rough calamities to resolve the most basic necessities like food, water, electricity, transportation and communication, the government has encouraged armed civil groups along with the repressive State organisms to “preserve the peace”, which has provoked extra-official repressions.

On the other hand, Guaido´s interventionist plan is in development. He manipulates Art. 187 of the Constitution, which, according to him, gives him the authority to approve a foreign military intervention in the country. This is the supposed “democracy and freedom” of this spokesperson of the empire in Venezuela.

Due to this situation, we reaffirm out position that only the mobilized working class, together with the oppressed people, can produce a proposal that truly responds to the interests of those who have borne the brunt of the tactics of the two reactionary faces that favor world capitalism: Maduro´s bureaucracy and the exploitative capital that Guaido represents.

For Marea Socialista, the actions that we need to carry out at this difficult moment, in which two expressions of capital attack the population, are very different from those proposed by other sectors that oppose Maduro, but who lead to placing confidence in the “good deeds” of the United Nations. This is the case of the Alliance for the Consultative Referendum, with whom we have carried out some common actions, with the objective of placing the anti-interventionist issue on the national agenda, and with whom -despite being opposed to Maduro´s government- we do not share the confidence they place in that organism.

For Marea Socialista, there is no place for a proposal that is not with the working class and the impoverished people. Trusting the UN, which is involved in previous armed interventions of countries and has mobilized its “blue helmets” in Haiti, and carrying out the tasks that lead to a resolution in the framework of “bourgeois peace” is something that always leads to imposing more exploitation and suffering on the working class and the people. The question we must make ourselves is if trusting in “the role and good deeds” that Guterres has been executing can lead to workers and the people advancing towards a real constituent process with a workers´ program that points to resolving our great problems.

Trusting the UN, the Vatican, the Group of Contact and the pro-bourgeois governments of the region is total and absolutely functional to Guaido and the interests of Donald Trump. In Marea Socialista, we believe that we cannot endorse these actions toward these international organisms because workers and the people would end up covered by a pro-bourgeois proposal which is just as imperialist as those of the sectors “in dispute”.

Their objective is the same as that of the Venezuelan oligarchy and the Catholic Church: maintain their privileges at all costs, and avoid workers and the oppressed people from mobilizing with their own proposal to the point of questioning the rest of the institutions of the capitalist regime.

The Organization of American States, the UN and the different organisms and governments who have offered themselves as mediators do not care about the workers and their suffering, the people who are suffering horrors under the threat of express repression by State organs of extermination like the FAES or the so-called “collectives”, which are groups of armed civilians that threaten the population when if tries to protest and raise its voice against a capitalist regime like Maduro´s.

We reiterate to workers and the people that they must not deposit any confidence in these organisms of world capitalism that are intervening politically in Venezuela through Guaido, motorized from the United States, in conjunction with the Lima Group. At the same time, we must confront the course of terror and misery that Maduro and his allies, the Cuban bureaucracy, China, Russia and Turkey, have imposed on us.

In this situation, which punishes the Venezuelan nation, we have defended the search for a democratic solution, based on consulting the sovereign people. For this reason, we have accompanied the proposal of a Consultative Referendum to ask the people if they want the re-legitimization of all powers through general elections. However, the worsening of the situation to catastrophic levels, leads to the necessity of posing the complete reconstruction and reconfiguration of the country, and for this, the necessity of a Constituent Assembly, truly of the people and not an instrument of the established bureaucratic power -which is what the current ANC is- is called for. Because what is on the table is the total transformation of the State, and for that, we need to recover the autonomous strength of the working class and the people, breaking the subordination to Maduro and Guaido, the bureaucracy and capital.

For a real free and sovereign Constituent Assembly!
For a workers´ and people´s economic plan to solve the crisis!

Marea Socialista