Ecuador: Protest in Argentina, in front of the Embassy

Heeding the call by Ecuadorian comrades living in Argentina, the MST and the International Socialist League made ourselves present to bring our international solidarity to the people who stand up against Lenin Moreno and the IMF’s austerity policies.

Dozens of Ecuadorians who live in our country were present at the action in support of the revolution that workers, indigenous communities, peasants, students and women are taking to the streets to defend their rights, while Moreno is sheltered in the barracks of Guayaquil. There are already hundreds of detainees, thousands of wounded and three dead comrades.

It is essential that international solidarity be extended, and break the media boycott imposed by the sectors of power allied to the puppet government of imperialism. We have to advance toward a sovereign and independent international coordination to oppose the imperialist offensive of submission of our peoples, a Front of Debtor Countries with the priority of guaranteeing the rights of the majority, prioritizing the social interests of those who work and live off of their own efforts throughout Latin America.

What the Ecuadorian people experience today is a new chapter of the disasters brought by the IMF’s recipes, carried out by the governments of each country. It is what happened in Puerto Rico, Honduras and also in Nicaragua. Our country is not exempt, because the agreement signed by Macri with the IMF last year indebted us for a century, a debt that they want to pay at the expense of our people. That is why we warn that if the Fund continues, like Alberto Fernández – who will be the next president if the numbers remain on October 27 – says, we will be in conditions similar to those of other peoples of Latin America. And the development and intensification of extractivism, which will only bring more pollution, looting and precariousness, is no solution. Our perspective is to strengthen the left. Let´s confront the austerity measures together with the working class and the people like they do today in Ecuador.

From the MST in Argentina and our international organization, we will continue to promote actions to strengthen the fight that the people are putting up in Ecuador. Lenin Moreno must go, the IMF must go, down with the measures against the people. The people must decide, through a Constituent Assembly, how to rebuild the country on a new basis, organized and independent of the political leaderships of the regime, on the road to a government of the workers and the people, which is the only solution to end hunger, misery and social inequality.

Long live the fight of the “slackers”.

 Cele Fierro