Argentina: the MST and the ISL in solidarity with the Kurdish people demonstrate at the Foreign Ministry

On Tuesday, October 15, the MST and the ISL accompanied the protest of the Committee of Women in Solidarity with Kurdistan that was held in front of the offices of the Argentine Foreign Ministry in the city of Buenos Aires. The action was attended by the representative of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo – Foundational Line Nora Cortiñas and several social and political organizations of the left. The Kurdish delegation accompanied by human rights representatives presented a letter demanding a stance from the national government.

At the rally, which was carried out at the door of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the MST condemned the brutal attack by the Turkish armed forces on Kurdish populations located in northern Syria. We denounce the responsibility of the imperialist powers, which, like the US in first place and also Putin of Russia, have allowed the Turkish dictator Erdogan to unleash this genocidal attack, which has already claimed hundreds of lives and displaced over 150,000 people who have fled from the deadly bombings of the Turkish air force.

We demand the immediate cessation of aggression, respect for the right of self-determination of the Kurdish people. We point out our absolute distrust of the actions of Syrian dictator Bashir al Assad and call for the development of solidarity mobilizations by the peoples of the region and of the world to stop this aggression, committing ourselves to participate in all the actions that are carried out for the Kurdish cause to triumph.