Chile: Piñera / “We are at war”. Enough! Everyone to the general strike!

The last hours have been tense, on one hand there is a variety of information that the press hides, there are no conditions of free information to know about the wounded and dead caused by militarization. The mass media promotes a discourse of fear, augmented by the fake news that contributes to the misinformation. Given this, the government in its latest statements affirms: “We are at war against a powerful, implacable enemy… Tomorrow is not going to be an easy day, because we know perfectly well what they are preparing for tomorrow,” said Piñera.

But this is only part of the current reality, in the streets there have been powerful responses, barricades, protests and mobilizations ignoring the curfew, a positive accumulation of the Chilean people facing repression. These perspectives are in dispute, because in the absence of a coherent revolutionary leadership, the government along with the apparatus of infiltration is playing a role in the chaos. That is why the political response of those who say they are democratic and especially of the anti-capitalist left must be forceful in generating spaces of self-organization, defense and supply with no room for reactionary agents who focus violence on our people through panic.

A turning point. Continuity of dictatorial measures or overpowering the government.

The social expressions have shown with impetus the popular will, the streets shout in opposition to all the years of policies inherited from the dictatorship. This is at the heart crisis, all the social and economic framework of neo-liberalism that Pinochet implemented and the ex-Nueva Mayoría and the right consolidated. Moreover, in the crisis they bring the army out to the streets without dissimulating, just like in the dictatorship.

It is because of all this that we cannot rely on an expired government, nor on those who have ruled in the past. Around this issue we debate with the Broad Front and the Communist Party that seek a “new social pact” without thoroughly discussing the model of those that plunged us into this crisis. This policy has created a dam against the possibilities of advancing in the perspective of social needs, because their common front – Unidad Social – that involves the Unified Workers´ Center (CUT), The Coordination of Workers No More AFP, the College of Professors, among other unions, have not called for any mobilization, while dividing and propitiating conditions to the government for repression by opting out of the necessary general strike of Monday, October 21, which the Ports and various social organizations call.

In conditions marked by Piñera’s policy of fostering a dictatorial scenario of persecution, the PC and FA leaderships play a role of containment of the advancement of mobilization, constituting a real obstacle for workers and the people who mobilize. We must organize ourselves to overcome those who play into the hands of the right.

Strike, self-organization and international solidarity. Piñera must go!

The reserves that our people are showing are historical, they are opening a new scenario in the country at a social and political level, all this in tune with a Latin American and world-wide reality in which, the people faced with social precariousness rise and governments fear, like in Haiti and Ecuador. That is why our position as Movimiento Anticapitalist reaffirms the need to strengthen the general strike of Monday, October 21, as well as social self-organization to expel any reactionary apparatus and make self-defense and supply an engine that identifies those actually responsible for the current situation: the government and its predecessors. While at the international level we promote the greatest militant solidarity with our comrades of the International Socialist League to break the media boycott, promote coordination against the antidemocratic measures of the Chilean state and actively contribute in solidarity with the peoples in revolt.

Movimiento Anticapitalista