Chile: for a new Constitution and a new Chile, THEY MUST ALL GO!

We publish the flyer distributed by our comrades of the Chilean Movimiento Anticapitalista in the streets and in every place of organization.

The rebellion in our country expresses the discontent built up over all these years, it is because of everything and against everything, as stated in the slogan “it´s not 30 pesos, it´s 30 years”, holding those who have ruled responsible: The Concertación, the ex – Nueva Mayoría with the PC and the right, parties that consolidated the continuity of the Pinochet model through a pact that guaranteed impunity for human rights violations and by maintaining the Constitution of the dictatorship. Anger exploded against the system that benefits a small social percentage, capitalist entrepreneurs who speculate with our fundamental rights: pensions, health care, education, housing, transportation. In turn, boosting their profits with the debt. A scheme completed with job insecurity, low wages and state violence.

A country based on the interests of the big capitalists with a “democracy” drawn up by the dictatorship. It is Irrational from the point of view of the working majority, not at all democratic. The people in the streets have already decided that Piñera and all the political leaders of the last 30 years have to go, that they cannot be trusted, that this Pinochet model must be dismantled and the mobilized social majorities should decide what country to build.

How do we achieve it?

We have been mobilized for weeks. Piñera released the military to kill, torture, rape and disappear; the attempt to placate the revolt was unsuccessful. Nor did they achieve this replacing ministers and implementing cosmetic reforms. The truth is that it would be utopian to expect a solution from them, they are part of the problem.

That is why a first task is to oust those directly responsible, make them flee with social mobilization and a large general strike promoted by independent unions in coordination with the self-organized assemblies and councils. And from there, promote a Free and Sovereign Constituent Assembly without any interference from the current institutions, a road map discussed democratically by the bases of the workers and neighborhood assemblies, taking the Industrial Cordones of the 70 ‘ as an example for the present.

To decide everything: Free, plurinational, democratic and sovereign constituent assembly.

In line with the above, it is necessary to strengthen deliberative spaces, a common plan that constitutes what is necessary to re-found the country on new bases, totally different from what we have known, Now is the moment. Let’s impose a Constituent Assembly to build everything anew.

• Free and plurinational: Without restrictions of what can be discussed and that it be without reservation among the peoples. An assembly that deliberates about all the social demands that are expressed in the streets. What economic model should be imposed, health care, education, pensions, nationalization of natural resources, until the complete democratization of the political and judicial system, as well as judging without restrictions all the crimes of the dictatorship (and this false democracy).

• Democratic: An assembly that elects delegates on the basis of the broadest democracy and social representation: one constituent delegate every 10,000 inhabitants and with liberty for unions, assemblies and councils to openly propose their lists of delegates. That is to say: a Constituent Process that expresses the mobilized people now.

• Sovereign: That it has powers to resolve above all, without limitations of any kind in economic, political and international relations matters.

Fore those who have never ruled to govern.

A few weeks were enough to crush the ideology that “we can’t”, “we are not prepared” and only a handful of “professional politicians with rich salaries” have the capacity. All of that is in the trash. The rebellion changed the whole country, that is, the people´s will is defining the present.

Ousting Piñera and all the representatives of the old Chile is imperative. With them in power, that is, with the old filed regime, it is impossible to give birth to a new country. The alternative must be from the streets, advancing in the coordination from the bottom up (and not the other way around) between independent unions, assemblies and councils, as an engine to raise a Free, Democratic and Sovereign Constituent Assembly, and prepare a government of those who have never ruled, the workers and the people through combative and independent unions, assemblies and councils, with broad control of the base and representatives recallable at any time by the bodies that elected them. To fight for these causes, for this platform of proposals, it is also essential to give birth to the new Chile at the level of political organizations. The old two party system has failed, and at the same time, the left with parliamentary representation relies more on that cave of bandits, than on the force of mobilization. We need a new left, with no commitments with the past, with the regime. A new alternative that is anti-capitalist, feminist, democratic and with a deep Latin American and international perspective.

In Movimiento Anticapitalista, we build our organization to contribute on that path and organize the thousands of revolutionaries that have come together in the streets. We are not alone: ​​we are part of a network of anti-capitalist and socialist organizations of 20 countries on 4 continents, the International Socialist League (ISL). A new Constitution, for a new Chile and a new Anti-Capitalist left to promote it.

Movimiento Anticapitalista