Chile: No pact with the right and its accomplices. Stay in the streets for a Constituent Assembly to change everything!

We reproduce a new flyer of our comrades of the Chilean Movimiento Anticapitalista

Almost a month after the uprising that came to question the entire scaffolding of the last 30 years of dictatorial inheritance, a historical revenge of the Chilean people, no repression has been able to stop us. The overflow was continuous, built from below, on the streets and forging self-organization in assemblies and cabildos, a process that thoroughly pressured all the institutions that administer neoliberal capitalism and its representatives: the Concertación / Nueva Mayoría and the right, together with its new associates of the parliamentary left.

With their back to the people to save Piñera and the regime

On Tuesday, in a tone of defeat, Piñera made a speech in favor of a social pact: yielding in a scheme of constitutional change, he proposed an agreement with the so-called “opposition.” From Christian Democracy to the Communist Party and the Broad Front, they began working toward that purpose: reaching an agreement with the right. The backdrop of all this was the great strength that the general strike had, which motorized a historical productive strike and posed the possibility of going for everything: a constituent assembly without the oversight of current political powers. This context, accelerated the “pact” behind the people´s backs that the right and the “opposition” have signed:

* A plebiscite in April 2020 to ask what the people have already shouted in the streets (“New Constitution”) and not to mention the option of “Constituent Assembly”, as an obvious concession to the most reactionary government.

* But that’s not all: the operating mechanism to change the Constitution, in addition, empowers the right to obstruct all changes that question its class privileges. It establishes the requirement of 2/3 of the members of the “Convention” to pass any law. This way, with its 1/3, the right can block any progress and, therefore, everything has to come out by consensus.

* The election of “conventional” deputies will be in October 2020 and with the same current electoral system that gives priority to traditional parties.

This is what we have been warning for weeks: with Piñera and his accomplices, the constitutional process that we demand as a people will not happen.

Desbordes, of the governing party, and Boric, of the Broad Front, presenting the pact.

General strike and plan of struggle for the Constituent Assembly that we need

We cannot allow the “kitchen” of the traditional parties to sequester what we have been winning with struggle, wounded, prisoners and dead. We have to strengthen the mobilization and self-organization. Assemblies, independent councils of the Social Unity and territorial Strike Committees must be promoted to intensify the measures of struggle and prepare a new general strike to defeat this pact and guarantee a Constituent Assembly in the following terms:

* Free: to discuss all issues, without pacts behind the backs of the mobilized people.

* Sovereign: with decision-making power to make all determinations in economic, political and social matters.

* Plurinational: with the principle of the right to self-determination.

* Democratic: with the election of deputies under a new electoral regulation. That a representative be chosen every 10 thousand inhabitants, taking the country as the sole district; that workers, youth, people and natives over 14 years of age be eligible to be elected from assemblies, councils and trade unions, regardless of whether or not they have a “legal party”.

A new left must be built: anti-capitalist, feminist and eco-socialist.

This “kitchen” agreement has a point of reference: the transition of the 90’s that guaranteed impunity to Pinochet and deepened neoliberal capitalism. That pact of impunity, which ensured that the “jackal” died with the honors of a life-long senator, and securing the privileges of the country´s great capitalists, is now repeated. The “constitutional convention” that Boric and Jackson of the Broad Front accept, and that now even the Communist Party itself, also shows their true colors: they are a left that is functional to the regime. They are part of the old status quo that we have to leave behind. We saw this movie in the late 80’s and we know how it ends.

That is why our proposal is to build a new anti-capitalist left, that is consistent, democratic, feminist, ecosocialist and has an internationalist perspective. A voice from the streets to turn everything around and prepare the way for those who have never ruled to rule: the working class and the people. To guarantee the necessary structural changes to reorganize the country on new bases: without the privileges of corporations and large entrepreneurs; no repressors; no priests; without patriarchy and without bureaucrats. The Movimiento Anticapitalista proposes that task and we know that we are not the only ones: we want to build with hundreds and thousands that we fight side by side with against the old regime and capitalism in Chile.

* Let´s defeat the pact of the right and its accomplices in the streets.

* General strike and plan of struggle to kick Piñera out.

* Constituent Assembly to turn everything around.

* For a government of those who have never governed.

Movimiento Anticapitalista, November 15, 2019