Venezuela: US Southern Command Out of Venezuela, No More Interventionism

By Marea Socialista

Marea Socialista, a Venezuelan, anti-capitalist and anti-bureaucratic organization, member of the International Socialist League (ISL), appeals to the solidarity of all peoples to strongly reject the deployment of the Naval Southern Command against Venezuela, ordered by Donald Trump´s filibuster regime in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic situation with the hypocritical excuse of controlling drug trafficking in the Caribbean.

The action announced by the US government has a much more criminal and genocidal nature given the pandemic that both Venezuelan and American people are suffering, when a country´s freedom of movement is necessary to transport medical equipment, medicines and food to its population and dedicate all possible resources to dealing with this emergency.

With this US Navy siege, the Trump regime seeks to intensify the blockade as a mechanism of pressure against Venezuela and, at the same time, to prepare a future military action to impose the government it wants in a foreign country through blood and fire.

Though this must obviously be taken seriously, Trump’s tendency to resort to farces to hide his own political crisis or to use these operations to aid his electoral campaign is also well known, with the aggravating circumstance that he is now doing this in the midst of a terrible pandemic that is attacking both his country and on ours.

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These measures Trump is taking not only go against the entire Venezuelan people. They are also crimes against his own people, committed by dedicating significant resources to war deployments that are needed in the face of this disease, which has taken the American people by surprise, thanks to the indolence of a crazy tycoon. Within the United States, the means to face the pandemic are insufficient. That is why we are also reaching out to the working class and ordinary people of the United States, asking them to raise their voices and help stop their irresponsible ruler´s atrocities.

For the working class and people of Venezuela and for all citizens who share the values ​​of independence and national sovereignty, Trump’s meddling in our internal affairs and the use of blackmail or military intervention to remove or install governments of his liking and convenience, is absolutely unacceptable.

They will find us ready and willing to defend our territory and the self-determination of our country, within the framework of popular sovereignty that gives us the power to determine the government that fits our will.

We know that the Venezuelan people need to settle scores with our government, but that our priority right now is to confront and overcome the pandemic. We have no doubt that the policies implemented by Maduro´s government, attacking the working class and crippling democratic rights with measures that, far from being “revolutionary” or “socialist”, are equivalent to those applied by neoliberal capitalist governments, have contributed to make things easier for the imperialist offensive.

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But it is our own struggles and our own democratic decisions, and never Trump or any other imperialist chief or local puppet, who can decide our destiny and what we do with our governments.

We declare that, to truly exercise our sovereignty, we must maintain ourselves as an independent nation. At the same time, we must organize and develop our capacity for autonomous struggle as a people and as a working class, as well as building the social and political instruments of our class.

Without placing any trust in the government that submits us, we insist on confronting the rigors of the pandemic as workers and people and at the same time put an end to interventionist threats.

Southern Command away from Venezuela´s coast!

No imperialist obstacle against Venezuela in its fight against the pandemic! Immediate suspension of sanctions and the blockade! Let us unite all peoples in the struggle against this global plague! It is time for solidarity and not for war!

We condemn the local puppets of the empire, lined up behind Guaidó and the national bourgeoisie!
No coups, sanctions, blackmail or Trump’s blockade! No more US intervention against Venezuela!