Greeting from Movimiento Anticapitalista of Chile at the ISL´s internationalist rally 80 years since Leon Trotsky´s assassination

By Camilo Parada

Hello to all the comrades of the ISL, 80 years after the assassination of León Trotsky, from the Anticapitalist Movement of Chile, we vindicate his unwavering validity.

Our country´s recent revolutionary experience confirms the path along which Trotsky militated and theorized throughout his life.

The mass mobilizations broke out with strength on Friday, October 18, 2109, forever changing our country´s social and political diagram, overthrowing years of reformist “can´t be done” ideology and validating that “the revolution is impossible, until it becomes inevitable.” The people took to the streets en masse, directly confronting one of the most brutal repressive apparatuses in Latin America and making it retreat.

The political leaderships of the Broad Front and the Communist Party, desperate to save the regime inherited from the dictatorship, deployed their apparatus to get people off the streets, but they did not succeed.

The assemblies that appeared in every square in the country were pressing the call for a general strike and the decisive character of all social processes, the working class, entered the scene. Waterfront workers paralyzing the ports of Chile as protagonists pressed the call for three general strikes. However, the Communist Party, leading the main workers’ union, the CUT, maintained the most absolute silence, as did the reformists of the Broad Front. The general strike was decisive in defining the actions of the leaderships, which tended to contain the process and save Piñera´s government, which was on the ground. They had to agree. This was the November pact, the pact “for peace.”

Meanwhile the Pinochetist, corporate right-wing Tweeted against Trotskyism, alluding to internationalism and mobilization, the pact desperately sought the photograph of empty streets, but they did not find it. Only the pandemic managed to put the October rebellion in parentheses.

 We say all this, because as Leon said, “The history of revolutions is above all the violent irruption of the masses in the government of their own destinies” and that is still throbbing. That is why we are building a revolutionary, militant organization, an anti-capitalist, feminist, eco-socialist and profoundly internationalist voice, which is translated in Chile into the Anti-Capitalist Movement and throughout the world in the International Socialist League, which fights for the unity of revolutionaries today. Because we know that there is abundant strength and that the “crisis of humanity is the crisis of its revolutionary leadership.” Revolutionary greetings. Long live all who fight!