Greeting from the Youth Movement for Change of Lebanon at the ISL´s internationalist rally 80 years since Leon Trotsky´s assassination

By Khoder Anwar

Greetings from Beirut to the comrades of the International Socialist League.

We salute you from a city fighting death and suffocation at the hands of a criminal regime that not only plundered, stole and dragged it into sedition and sectarian religious wars, but tried to eliminate it from existence with the August 4 explosion.

The corrupt and criminal Lebanese regime planted half a nuclear bomb in the capital´s port and stupidly detonated it from its public administration and state institutions. It detonated it at the hands of its corrupt and incompetent employees who were deliberately stealing and selling ammonium nitrate.

The Youth Movement for Change holds the Lebanese political authority responsible for the bombing of Beirut. Just as we insist on the need to hold those directly responsible for the explosion accountable in a national court, we also reject all calls for the formation of an international tribunal that would increase foreign meddling interference.

Dear comrades

Lebanon is going through a big and complex crisis that began with the economic collapse and the wide spread of the Corona Virus epidemic and then the devastating explosion in the port. Successive crises that opened the country to all forms of external interference and stimulated the appetite of the extinct colonialism to restore its glories and presence in the country, which is why visits from abroad began, initiated by the French, then the Turks, Iranians and Americans.

Political intervention and warships off our beaches, along with promises of financial aid and economic support for the regime to rebuild itself.

And when we reject all forms of external interference in our homeland, we affirm that all attempts to save the sectarian system in Lebanon will fail, as this system has been ruined and turned into a political corpse that will be buried by the workers and the poor of Lebanon.

Dear comrades

 Beirut is a devastated city in need of all possible support and assistance. In the Youth Movement for Change, we have launched the largest relief program, helping hundreds of families and thousands of people. We have been able to secure tons of clothing, food and basic materials, and dozens of apartments to house affected and homeless families. This relief campaign would not have been successful without the participation of the Lebanese people in all their spectra. The people, whom the regime is trying to divide on a sectarian basis, are a people who have proven to be very united and reject plans of division and sedition.

Our comrades are waging a great battle against this regime and its regional and international sponsors, a battle that we ourselves influence to fuel it until victory, a battle in which we try to present a model for a revolutionary political movement that starts from reality and is deliberately transforming it to achieve a comprehensive revolutionary change.

 Glory to the martyrs and death to the criminal regime.