International call to Mobilize against the G20 and the IMF

As organizations, processes and international, national and local movements, the working people, peasants, native, Afro, feminist; retirement / as, migrants, students, defenders of the rights of individuals and peoples, environmental commons and climate justice, of the rights of children, gender, among others; we fight from our various expressions of organization and struggle to advance the Capital over our lives, bodies and territories, we call people and movements around the world to mobilize on 30 November this 2018 in Argentina and every country in the world and join the Action Week November 25 to December 1 against the G20, the IMF and its agenda of domination.

Between November 30 and December 1 will be held in our South American country the G20 Summit, where the Heads of State of countries and organizations members will discuss issues of great importance, including the state of the world economy, future of work and food and infrastructure development.

Connoisseurs of such enclaves to determine new forms of exploitation in each of the living spaces of our peoples, we will manifest our repudiation to the realization of this Summit, which is to reaffirm the brutal setback imposed on his country by the Government of Mauritius Macri and seek to extend to the entire region and world. Argentina is today a concentrate of liberalization policies, debt and privatizing driving the G20 with the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and others and have mortgaged the country’s future and sentenced to laboratory million workers / s and their families to a situation of exclusion and misery.

We consider this Summit of the G20, which brings together the most powerful countries in the world with other “emerging” no more legitimacy than what it purports to usurp based on its size and power, will serve as a new platform for advancing public policy contravía progress achieved internationally on human rights, peace, sovereignty, environmental and labor rights, among others. The onslaught that neoliberal capitalism is carrying out, impoverishing, starving, excluding and repressing popular majorities, undermining the chances of building democracy and perpetuating impunity architecture at the service of transnational corporatism, consolidates through this forum. That is why it is our duty to speak out conclusively,

We can not allow the future of our rights to work, social security, education and free public health, food sovereignty, our territories and integrity, remain in the hands of elites who despise our people and profit precariousness with which they subject their decisions. Is our future, new generations of all peoples and life on this planet which is in check.

For these reasons we call for mobilization. We call on all peoples and their organizations, united in diversity, to show that we do not accept the policies promoted and implemented by the G20 and we will work jointly from different countries and specific to self-determine our future and face the impositions of powerful economic elites and military. Given the fierce advance aims to achieve total control of our lives, our global response must be strong and protected by the right to protest that we wanted to be unknown and repressed to deny the legitimate expression of our resistance.

For a world without the dominance of transnational corporatism and its model of trade liberalization and debt, with respect for the rights of peoples and nature and the possibility of building democratic alternatives based on our sovereignty and integration as peoples, we call to participate in a wide Action Week 25/11 to 1/12 and mobilize in Argentina and all over the world on November 30 against the G20 and the IMF.

Outside G20-IMF meeting

Continental Day for Democracy and Against Neoliberalism

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