Campaign for 8M, International Women’s Strike

Whereas since 2015 a new and powerful global feminist wave is developing, at differing rhythms but with expressions all around the globe;

Whereas in 2017 and 2018 international women’s strikes have already taken place, with massive mobilizations and actions in dozens of countries;

Whereas unlike the previous feminist waves, this new one has incorporated the most characteristic method of struggle of the working class, the strike;

Whereas for our parties and groups, the feminist and dissident movement is an important front of intervention and construction, like in the case of Juntas y a la Izquierda;

Whereas in this movement, while many currents intervene, there are no consolidated apparatus that hegemonize its leadership, which leaves a broader space for us;

Whereas the preparation of 8M and the event itself constitute a great political opportunity;

The Anticapitalist Network resolves:

1. Launching an international campaign of active participation in the preparation and in the event of the women’s strike next 8M.

2. As a policy, proposing a transitional program that combines specific gender and class demands, adequate to the concrete reality of women in each country.

3. As a tactic, unity in diversity: unity of action to be part of the mobilizations and joint actions, and delimitation to always rise our anticapitalist feminism.

4. As an orientation, combining two tasks: intense agitation in workplaces, study places and public spaces and propaganda initiatives to reach and recruit the vanguard.

5. To make this campaign happen, from now on, the national leaderships will resolve policy, tasks and materials and follow through on them.

6. From Juntas, and working with the Anticapitalist Network, coordinating, exchanging and socializing new initiatives of the campaign to strengthen our international current.

7. In everything possible, coordinating this campaign with our comrades of the PST (Turkey) and The Struggle (Pakistan), as well as the ISO (the US), in order to advance in our relationship.