The Final Curtain in Venezuela, What Should Revolutionists Do?

We had written that class conflicts and political contradictions have reached endpoints and that they are moving towards a break in Venezuela. The recent moves of the US-based capitalist right show that the tension is reaching the end. What should the Revolutionary Marxists do at this crucial moment, when decisive struggles are given?

 Our comrades in Venezuela, Marea Socialista, are viciously opposed to US-backed coup plans in Latin America even though they fight against Maduro. It is necessary to oppose Maduro because he represents a rotten power, attacking workers’ rights, imprisoning socialists, engaging in corruption in his throat, enacting his own capitalists. It is clear that Maduro is a simple character; he is eating meat in Nusret (in Turkey, extremely expensive and luxury restaurant) while his people are starving and his admiration to the series in the sets of Diriliş Ertuğrul. Another sign is his strict friendship with the president of Turkey, Erdoğan.

On the other hand, the character of the Maduro regime does not prevent us from strongly opposing the US-backed right-wing coup attempt. If the CIA and the puppets are successful, the working class and the poor will suffer a heavy blow from economic, democratic, social and psychological perspectives. Privatizations, layoffs, anti-worker laws and pro-capital regulations, as well as the looting of Venezuelan oil resources. The wictory of imperialism and right in Venezuela will have counter-revolutionary consequences in all Latin America.

Therefore, class conscious workers must act against the US coup, but in their own separate lines independently from Maduro. To this end, independent labour organizations should be created around concrete demands. The first of these demands is the transition of worker places to the workers’ control and thus the non-functioning factories and economic life to be re-produced under the control of the workers. The bosses and Maduro’s parasitic bureaucrats can get out. In order to get rid of the present misery of the Venezuelan laborers, who have been in hunger amidst plenty, the main arteries of economic life must be controlled by the labourers. Thus, famine in hunger and basic consumption items can be terminated. This is the only way out of the crisis.

The confiscation of the assets of bourgeois elements, which finance the coup plotters and deal with corruption, is one of the demands that will be put forward. The demand for socialization of banks at the centre of economic life should go hand in hand with this.

Maduro government, as its own capitalists have grown in the high bureaucracy level carried our unimaginable corruption There is a widespread reaction to this and this is the most important trump card of the right-wing opposition. The opposition of the revolutionary workers should try to eliminate this hypocrisy by putting the capitalists, who hold business with him outside the bureaucracy, on the target board for corruption.

Apart from this, the taking of large lands by poor peasants and the organization of armed labour detachments in neighbourhoods and workplaces should be made.

  The forces of the revolutionary groups, which criticize Maduro from the left, doesn’t have enough power while there has been decisive moments in Venezuela. The biggest factor in this is the melting of socialist groups in Chavismo. The rest of the socialist organizations headed by Marea Socialista are under the pressure of Maduro. However, such extraordinary periods bring with them opportunities for revolutionary breakthroughs. We hope that Revolutionaries will go out of this crisis with great breakthrough.

Socialist Laborers Party- SEP (Turkey)