Brazil resists through its creativity

The Brazilian people are known for being among the most creative in the world, and during Carnaval this year it couldn’t be any different.

In the four parts of the country, the songs that were played the most in the streets and parties were parodies with direct critiques of Bolsonaro´s government and its anti-rights measures that attack the economy of the working class, privatizations and the handing over of national resources.

One of the strongest shouts of resistance was the winning song of the carnival of Rio de Janeiro, by the Estacion Primera de Mangueira School of Samba. The school performed its parade with the song “A tale to put adults to sleep” in which they demand justice and the recognition of the Brazilians who made a difference and fought for social justice in the country but who are part of the “tale that the history doesn’t tell”.

The Mangueira School also paid homage to Marielle Franco in its song, singing “Brazil, it’s time to hear the Marías, Mahins, Marielles, malés”. And they took a giant flag with Marielle´s face on it to the official parade.

Only nine days before the first anniversary of the brutal murder of comrade Marielle Franco and her driver Anderson, there are still no advances in the investigations of who ordered and executed the crime. From Socialist Alternative / Anticapitalist Network, we support the creation of an Independent Investigation Committee, composed by representatives of civil society, social organizations, relatives and experts.

We don’t believe that a State that might have been part of that crime can investigate it to the end and even less so, solve it. Next 14th we must take over the streets demanding justice for Marielle and Anderson, hold the guilty accountable and denounce the repression against social fighters

  • Not one life less!
  • Marielle and Anderson present!