Argentina: for a unitary May Day of combative syndicalism and the socialist and working-class left.

The country is going into an electoral process in the middle of the continuity of the adjustment plan. Everything points towards an aggravation of the situation for the people and the working class.

The economic indicators are negative and the external debt is already impossible to pay.

However, the government of Mauricio Macri is suffering a great political erosion because of the rejection and resistance of workers and the people, which hasn’t allowed him to implement the austerity plan at the level the bosses and the IMF demand. What he has been able to implement has been thanks to the open collaboration of the PJ in all its variants and the union bureaucracy.

Those who present themselves as an electoral alternative to the government have every kind of argument, but agree on the essence of the Macrist model: tying the destiny of the country to the desires of the IMF. This is not surprising, given that 99% of them are representatives of old politics, hired employees of the corporations and big business. Beyond the “dance” of candidatures, nothing new can be expected from the representatives of the past.

The union bureaucracy, on the other hand, has certified its credentials of professional Macrism, from the most conservatives to the most rebellious, they share the criteria of not causing waves and channeling everything toward the electoral process, where they bet on a future Peronist government placing them once again on both sides of the counter. This policy is based on sinking and ending every struggle that comes up in the country as a response to lay-offs, suspensions and other attacks on the working class. Since the government wasn´t able to pass the labor reform, it strikes place by place in a real tandem of terror. On that path, it also wants to rid itself of a new generation of young workers that are awakening and pressuring to confront the austerity plan with struggle methods.

In this scenario, a powerful demonstration of strength of the combative syndicalism and the socialist and working left could mark a point of inflection and open a path to strengthening the current struggles. While proving that there are combative and anti-bureaucratic sectors in the union movement, that also coordinate their forces and put them at the service of the working class. On the other side, the anti-capitalist and working-class left is who promotes those sectors and has the challenge of becoming an alternative to Macrist debacle, and avoiding the current disilusion from ending up in a new variant of the regime.

We propose a unitary act to fill Plaza de Mayo and every square in the country

After years of walking different paths, the forces of the socialist and working-class left have an enormous challenge: being capable of uniting in the terrain of the struggles, but also at the political and electoral level. Undoubtedly, the current situation causes favorable conditions and demands this measure; in that sense, it is important to highlight the path that started at the Plenary of Combative Syndicalism -which has become a reference against the betrayal of the bureaucracies since its beginning in Lanus. While strengthening this confluence of classicism, it has opened a positive debate about coming together in the political terrain, in a great unity of the entire socialist and working-class left.

It is important that we demonstrate a great show of unity in this May Day. With the squares that have witnessed the most important events in the history if the country this time becoming the scenario of this unitary path. To strengthen the current struggles, like Fate, Coca-Cola, Pilkington and the struggles of the teachers and State workers. To raise a working-class, socialist and internationalist tribune. For workers, women and the youth to have a stronger political reference to dispute. On May 1st let’s hold a great act of combative syndicalism and the working-class and socialist left.

Movimiento Socialista de los Trabajadores