Campaign towards March 8


  • That, since 2015, the women’s movement and, to a lesser extent, the LGBTI movement, are leading a new wave of their struggles in defense of gender rights and for their expansion;
  • That this rise is a very progressive response to the offensive of the capitalist governments, who, as part of the attempt to overcome their crisis, and together with religious fundamentalists, seek to cut back such rights;
  • That said wave, though it combines evident inequalities in terms of rhythms and intensities from continent to continent and even from country to country, has an international scope;
  • That, at its vanguard, a young activism, at a student level and also among workers and popular sectors, stands out, which is a valuable component for the growth of our national sections and our international current;
  • That, among the main characteristics of this feminist and dissident movement, despite its poly-class character, has a marked internationalist trait and an explicit tendency of vanguard sectors toward anti-capitalism;
  • That its greatest milestone, which retakes the working class’s method of struggle, is the international strike of women and sexual dissidence which has been held on March 8 for three years now, the last of them with actions in more than 80 countries;


  • That, for revolutionary socialists, it is essential to intervene actively in this movement with a twofold objective: to promote permanent mobilization and strengthen our construction;
  • That, in that intervention, we struggle against liberal, reformist, neo-reformist and autonomist feminist sectors who do not confront capitalist oppression and mistakenly defend identity politics that, by denying or minimizing the division of classes, are functional to it;
  • That this dispute requires building a transitional program that, based on the specific gender needs of each country, seeks to develop this struggle with class rooted and revolutionary politics to confront the government, the institutional regime and the system;
  • That, within the movement, youth activism is the least influenced by the political, trade union and religious apparatuses of the system and, therefore, is the most receptive to the ideas and proposals of revolutionary Marxism;

We resolve:

  1. To launch an international political campaign from the end of June to March 8, 2020 against all forms of oppression and capitalist exploitation with the slogan: equality and socialism. That day, our sections will participate in the demonstrations or actions of struggle that have been identified with flags or banners with this slogan.
  2. In order to give a common identity to the campaign, the international coordination will resolve, within a maximum period of one month, a design with a logo and the common slogan.
  3. Around the axis of the campaign, sections will organize activities of agitation and propaganda regularly: flyers, special bulletins, posters, talks, debates, seminars, photographs, use of social networks and all other types of initiatives, with a special focus on student and working-class youth.
  4. According to the reality of each section, this central slogan can be combined with other slogans for specific demands, such as legal abortion, equal pay, free kinder gardens, sexist violence, secular State, sex education, against the increase in retirement age or others.
  5. All sections will dedicate a permanent space on their web pages and publications to promote and disseminate the campaign.
  6. The development of this campaign will be followed by the leaderships of the national sections and the international coordination.