Immigration resolution


That the European Union partcipates in the imperialist interventions in the Middle East and Africa. That it is co-responsible alongside U.S. imperialism for the destruction of entire countries and for the subsequent immigration and refugee wave. The humane face of E.U. falls apart as they treat immigrants and refugees as animals, assaulting them, denying them basic human and labor rights, making anti-immigration laws and putting them into concentration camps. That these policies feeds rise of the far right, racism, nationalism and islamophobia.

We declare:

  1. EU imperialist interventions out of the Middle East and Africa. The people of the Middle East and Africa can decide their own fate.
  2. Solidarity with the massive uprisings that demand a better life and dignity.
  3. Solidarity with immigrants and refugees. They are not responsible for the lack of jobs or the crisis. They are our class brothers and sisters.
  4. Down with “Fortress Europe”.
  5. Abolishment of all anti-immigration laws and agreements, such as between E.U. and Turkey.
  6. Abolishment of concentration camps.
  7. Open all borders.
  8. Papers for free transfer, residence and work for all.
  9. Full human and labor rights for all.
  10. No to Trump´s wall. We reject all policies repressive toward immigrants and the people of Latin America and the world.