Resolution on fascist threats against student leaders in Colombia


* That on May 20 a statement was released in Colombia signed by a fascist group called “Águilas Negras” (Black Eagles) in which they threaten to assassinate several student leaders, among them, our comrade Jerson Reyes;

* That this very serious action is part of a policy of intimidation by right-wing sectors against the student movement and the mobilized youth in Colombia that has been at the head of an historic teacher-student strike;

* That, evidently, this is part of a “preventive” orientation of the bourgeoisie to try to weaken one of the most active sectors -the youth- in Latin America and the whole world against the auterity plans of the IMF and its puppet governments;

We resolve:

1) To condemn this very serious threat, to extend our solidarity to Jerson Reyes and the other students mentioned in the fascist statement;

2) To immediately develop an international campaign of repudiation, denunciation and solidarity, with a petition to collect signatures of organizations and personalities from the broadest democratic spectrum possible. Also to appeal to other resources, such as the dissemination in social networks of our organizations´ videos, photos, etc. on the subject;

3) To hold the government of Duque and the authorities of the University of Colombia responsible for the safety of