Resolution on Venezuela


1) That Venezuela is under imminent imperialist threat, with ongoing economic and political interference and the risk of a possible military intervention, even if the coup attempt monitored by Trump and the so-called Lima Group and perpetrated on April 30 by Guaidó and Leopoldo López has failed. The right and imperialism continue their interventionist plan at the service of big capital in order to administer the million-dollar business that our extraordinary energy resources provide and are today provoking economic and political actions against Venezuela that further worsen the lives of millions. With this policy, they also intend to strengthen their economic and political plans throughout the region, with their partner governments and regional agents. We know that nothing good for workers and the people of Venezuela and Latin American will come from the hand of imperialism or the right-wing puppets of the US. This is why we reject any kind of interference by the US or the so-called Lima Group, and call to confront it in the streets with no confidence in the Maduro government.

2) That the government of Nicolás Maduro, supported by the armed forces, has been dismantling the social achievements of the Bolivarian process and has been implementing a hunger pact of an anti-workers and capitalist nature, installing a new bourgeoisie and sinking us in the debt-eroding system, turning over or destroying natural resources and making us more vulnerable to the appetites of foreign powers. Submitting workers, the poor and the youth to live in a situation of absolute precariousness with lack of water, electricity, food, medicine and all basic needs and with wages under $ 6 per month that are not enough to pay for a dinner. That Maduro is also an agent of transnational capital, in some cases of American capitals and in general of Russian and Chinese capitals, who, in the framework of a geopolitical struggle, also want to keep the natural and strategic resources of Venezuela.

3) That at the same time that Guaidó and the imperialist right are speaking against Maduro and he is crying out against the US and its local puppets, there are huge attempts to negotiate a way out of the crisis that will favor their own interests, while continuing to impose anti-popular measures on the backs of the workers and the people. That Guaidó remains free and moving around the country, that there were intense negotiations of the US and Russian foreign ministers, and then the meetings in Oslo confirmed and endorsed by the government and by the opposition, confirm this fact, for which we demand the end to negotiations behind the backs of the Venezuelan people, meetings where there is no debate either about the food crisis, the lack of gasoline or incessant inflation, but about the interests of both leaderships.

4) That, in this situation, we believe that it is the people who must decide the destiny of the country; we propose the realization of a true, free and sovereign Constituent Assembly to discuss how to reorganize the country on new economic, political and social bases, and in which we would propose basic measures for a workers´ and socialist solution to this crisis, in the perspective of a government of the workers, which is the only solution in favor of the working class and the people, against this deep crisis in which two antagonistic capitalist sides are sinking us. We demand the expulsion of the oil corporations and state and workers´ control of all production and distribution; we demand an end to open air mining and all forms of looting and environmental destruction, the nonpayment of the external debt, the repatriation of the millions of dollars embezzled, using those resources to meet the enormous needs of food and medicine that the population has today and granting a general wage increase. Also to prohibit price increases and punish any company that does not comply.

5) That the working class and the people need to get out of this polarization between two reactionary and capitalist leaders who are killing us and are struggling to impose themselves. And that, in this situation, it is necessary to promote an independent and class based policy, marked by the rejection of all interference by imperialism and its local puppets, but without any kind of trust or political support to the government of Maduro and the Armed Forces that are subjugating the country and weakening all the conquests of the working class and the people.

6) And that the promotion of genuine working-class and popular struggles and the coordination of trade union sectors that want to fight for workers’ rights are becoming increasingly necessary, with independence from the government and also from the pro-imperialist opposition. At the same time, political unity of the working-class, anti-capitalist and socialist forces is also needed to forge an alternative.

We resolve:

1. To promote declarations and other initiatives and political actions against all imperialist interference in Venezuela and against any attempted coup d’etat and other actions promoted by Guaidó. To continue carrying out this policy of condemnation of all US plans from an independent political position and without giving any political support to the Maduro regime.

2. To maintain the drive to build a militant, socialist, revolutionary, anti-capitalist and internationalist organization in Venezuela active.

3. To support the steps toward classist coordination in workers’ struggles and working-class and socialist unity in the political arena.

4. To support the campaign against the censureship of the alternative, popular and independent web page