Message from Iran

Hello comrades,

We, as the Iranian socialists, salute the first conference of the International Socialist League with our warmest revolutionary regards.

We can not attend this historical conference because of legal problems, but our common cause and comradeship keeps us close.

Today, while the bourgeoisie expoits billions all over the world, the proletariat fights back against capitalism and imperialism.

In Iran, as a part of this imperalist capitalist world, we are also suffering a deep injustice and oppression. Behind the mask of the Islamic regime, there is a brutal exploitation on the scene. Over 40 million people are living under the hunger limit in Iran. Despite these conditions, the working class and the poor are putting up a fight.

In order to prevent uprisings, Mullah’s regime puts enormous pressure on the working-class movement. Trade unions, political organisations and strikes are banned in Iran. In spite of the dictatorship, last year there were more than 1700 strikes and workers´ protests, according to the statistics of the regime. On May Day, this year, hundreds of class conscious workers organized an effective protest in front of the Congress. To stop this wave, the Mullah regime used police forces, detentions and yellow unions. However, they remain incapable of squashing the struggle.

The struggle in Iran will continue despite the immense oppression. However, to be victorious, we need the international unity of the prorelatiat from all countries.

We hope and believe that our efforts to organize internationalist socialism will be accomplished.  The revolutionary program that we will manifest with the discussions in our conferences and congress will lead us to give practical struggles. We need the international comradeship of the proletariat and we will establish it!

Long live international socialism!

Ghader Anari