Message from Pakistan

Dear comrades of the International Socialist League, on behalf of the comrades of The Struggle of Paquistán, I would like to congratulate you on the organization of the conference in Barcelona. We send our solidarity to the revolutionary workers of Argentina, Turkey and the rest of the world.

I would like to make a brief introduction of our tendency in Pakistan and, in general, in South Asia. With many new and old colleagues, we have been struggling to build an international Bolshevik organization in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iran and the entire region. We believe that the only possibility of emancipation of the working masses in the region of South Asia and all over the world is revolutionary Marxism, socialism and communism.

I would like to briefly explain the political situation in Pakistan. As many of you know, Pakistan will be entering into an IMF program in the coming days. The State Bank of Pakistan, the Ministry of Finance and other principal institutions have been taken over by the IMF. In the coming weeks and months there will be massive privatizations, price hikes, inflation and reforms in the economy that will affect millions of workers and youth in Pakistan. We believe that there will be resistance, movement, protests, in which we will have to participate and intervene and connect the movement with the program of revolutionary socialism.

Comrades here have read the draft program of the International Socialist League and we are, in general, in agreement with this program. We believe that an international revolutionary organization is necessary, that many movements in the world need a revolutionary leadership, which we Marxists should provide. In spite of this or that minor difference or need of clarification, we agree with your program and strategy, and we would like to participate in this project of international revolutionary organization.

Capitalism on an international scale has entered into its deepest crisis since 1930. Under this system, not only in advanced countries such as the United States and Europe, but also in backward countries such as Pakistan and India, Bengladesh and Burma, there is no way out. This system does not take humanity forward, it can not solve the basic problems and contradictions of society. We must unite and build an international revolutionary organization to overthrow this system and emancipate humanity. In this regard, we believe that the revolutionary struggle for socialism all over the world is our struggle, and your struggle is our struggle.

We believe that we should march forward, that we should meet face to face in the coming months in Pakistan or elsewhere. The basic problem in this regard is the visa issue, which is very difficult for us to get as Pakistani citizens. Discussing the program and strategy face to face is very important. I think that in the next weeks or days we can get together in Pakistan, or if we get a visa and travel, to discuss the international strategy. In the meantime, we extend our solidarity, and we are willing to contribute with what we can, such as publishing the webpage in Urdu or other languages. Our support is with you and you may consider your struggle as ours, and ours as yours.

Long live socialism, long live Marxism.

The Struggle, Pakistan