In the streets and in the Congress, strengthen the FIT-Unidad

In the midst of the social and economic crisis we are suffering, the general elections are finally approaching. There is little time left and everything indicates that Macri will leave, as his defeat is unavoidable, though there is still a lot at stake for the future. With Fernandez and the PJ, a complex country is coming, that includes the IMF and its austerity plan among other evils. In defence of workers, women and the youth, there are enough reasons to strengthen the left that unites in the streets and in Congress.

The consequences of the government´s latest measures are terrible for the people. Not only is the government is falling, thanks to the people’s rejection in the streets and in the urns, but our living conditions are also deteriorating every day that Macri and his plan remain in power. With the devaluation we suffered a new wage cut, while the prices of basic products are on the rise, as well as gas prices.

Poverty and misery are growing, as are unemployment and social deterioration. It is no coincidence that there are thousands on the streets, from the neighbourhoods and workers that confront lay-offs, closures of companies or strong wage demands as in Chubut, struggles that receive the support of combative unionism and the left, while the CGT looks to the other way, as always.

In this country anger and discontent grow. This will surely be manifested again in the approaching general elections, but it will not stop there. We are going toward a moment of inflection with the change of government, in which the expectations of change will confront the reality of the continuity of the austerity plan and the IMF. We will then witness new social and political expressions for which we are preparing.

With the Fernández plan, which country are we heading toward?

The expectations of millions and their desire to put an end to Macri´s government are more than understandable. Neither the situation nor this government can be endured. But this does not mean that, under the future government of Fernández and the PJ, we will head toward the solutions we are looking for. Let us pay attention to what he says and proposes. He began playing nice with the economic and media powers, the Rural Liaison Bureau and the UIA bosses, while speaking against the demands and mobilization against hunger, advising people to “not be on the streets”. Whenever he is questioned on the issue, he clarifies that he will continue with the IMF and complying with the exorbitant payments of an illegitimate and immoral external debt. Therefore, there is no possibility of solving the enormous and profound social problems that Macri leaves behind.

For this, respecting the expectations that the people may have in a future Fernández government, we must warn that continuing with the Fund, paying the illegitimate debt, allowing the looting and environmental damage of the mining, oil and agribusiness companies, and without taking radical measures against financial power and the corporations, the problems, social inequality and lack of real solutions will continue. Despite that they try to convince us in television spots that together we will overcome the situation the country is in, this will not happen. There are opposed class interests that collide, therefore favouring both parts is impossible. The social pact Alberto proposes implies forcing those from below to not demand or mobilize, while those from above continue making profits. It is clear that the union bureaucracy will help the government by endorsing a new austerity plan. And it is also clear that only the left confronts this plan, in defence of our social rights.

Strengthen the left

You might have doubts or uncertainties about what is coming. You might even believe that your situation will improve, yet also see problems on the horizon or feel unsure about some of Fernandez´s declarations, or simply wonder how everything will be after Macri. What we are trying to say is that if these things happen to you, or if you have these logical questions, this is another reason to vote for the left in October.

Because what is clear is that with the perspective of a country with an austerity plan and ignored demands, we all need the left to be as strong as possible. Because we are the only political force that will undoubtedly be in the street supporting and promoting the struggles of workers, women and the youth. You know that we are not for sale nor can we be bought off. That we have radical proposals against this whole unfair system, that we say what we think and do what we say. That we have a  coherent project and the integrity to defend it on the streets, in unions, universities, schools, neighbourhoods, in the political and social struggle, in Congress, legislatures and city halls. The left stands its ground everywhere. And we will do the same during the next government, when your rights are at stake.

The challenges of the FIT-Unidad

This year, for the first time after many years and several attempts, we achieved the unity of almost the entire anti-capitalist and socialist left of our country. Before the beginning of the primary elections, it was one of the most important political events that opened the campaign, a great and historic unity expressed in the constitution of the FIT-Unidad, which was supported by thousands throughout the country. Thus we overcame the primaries and became the fourth national force.

Now the general elections are coming and we want to not only reaffirm our political position but to take a double leap; to obtain the greatest possible support for our lists, starting with the vote for our presidential formula Del Caño – Del Plá, and at the same time improve our legislative representation by conquering new seats in Congress and the Buenos Aires City Legislature with Bregman, Cele Fierro, Bodart, Pitrola and other candidates.

Last Sunday we won a municipal seat in Neuquen, an important step that encourages us to fight for more. We will fight with all our strength, from now to October 27, to try to fulfil these political goals. Overflowing 9 de Julio Avenue with our big rally on October 5 will be a great milestone in this struggle. After which we will give it our all. We invite you to be part of this battle throughout the country, with the MST in the FIT-Unidad.

A rally on 9 de Julio Avenue and throughout the country. The FIT-Unidad campaign advances

The electoral proposals, both of the government and the PJ, are falling and their real plan for the next year is emerging. Thousands of workers begin the experience with Fernández before he takes over.

In this situation, the proposals we raise as the FIT-Unidad are the only ones that promote real transformations, focusing on the main economic, political and social problems. Beginning with the break with the IMF, stopping the bleeding of millions of dollars with a usurer debt, for truly sovereign policies without the interference of imperialism. Nationalizing the privatized companies to stop rate raises and controlling the public services, that are a right and not a business. Prioritizing the public system, increasing the budget for health and education, proposing that using the public system should be an obligation for government officials. Guaranteeing rights for women and the LGTB movement. Closing down the polluting branches of production and advancing toward a productive and energetic reconversion. Generating real jobs to end with unemployment and precarious work. These are some of the proposals in which we focus our campaign.

An independent campaign

Visits to workplaces, meetings in neighbourhoods, handing out flyers in parks, interviews, debates, activities in different faculties, high schools and superior education institutions: these are some of the actions that are taking place across the country to continue disseminating the proposals of the left. And we say that these are some of the actions, because this is combined with the ongoing struggles that the MST in the FIT-Unidad supports and accompanies: the actions of combative unionism and the social movements, the international strike in defence of the climate, the support to the workers of Chubut, the fight for abortion rights.

With this independent and very active campaign, we want to reach everywhere and we want you to join it. We want you to help us to extend these actions, because every day there are more who want to put an end to this model, and the way to do it is organizing to turn everything around.

The left has to be there

For what the future holds, which –at the hands of the IMF- we warn will bring more austerity, the left must be stronger. On the streets and in Congress, in the legislatures and city councils, to confront the partners of the austerity plan, the politicians, but also in the streets and workplaces against the union bureaucracy that makes peace with this government and is already sealing a social pact with the upcoming government. You know that, when you vote for the left, you know what you vote for, so the left has to be there.

Rallies of the FIT-Unidad, on 9 de Julio Avenue and throughout the country

Next weekend in the City of Buenos Aires and the main cities of the country we will hold events with the main candidates of our front. This political act will show that the left has proposals and militancy, that it is growing and is ready to fight. That is why we want to invite you to attend, with your co-workers and fellow students, with your family and neighbours, to join the campaign and help us make it grow to reach more sectors. We await your presence at the event and, of course, we invite you to join the MST to strengthen the FIT-Unidad as the true alternative for the workers, women and the youth.

Sergio Garcia