Argentina: airport workers in solidarity with Chilean workers

To airport co-workers and the entire Chilean labor movement:

As workers of LATAM Argentina, we stand in solidarity with the fight that you are carrying out today against Piñera and his terrible austerity. We are putting up a great fight here for your struggle to be known and for no Argentine worker to act as strikebreaker, as LATAM employers are proposing.
We know of the deadly and the brutal repression you are suffering, but we are also aware of your fierce firmness and the strength with which you are undertaking this struggle.
Knowing that your triumph will be the triumph of all workers, regardless of the mountain range that stands between us.
We are entirely at your disposal so that your struggle triumphs gloriously.
No Argentine worker will break the strike of our Chilean brothers and sisters.
Piñera and his austerity plan must go.
For the triumph of your struggle!
Unity of the workers!

Airport worklers of the Socialist Workers Movement (MST)

International Socialist League