Brazil: Bolsonaro implicated in the murder of Marielle

More than a year and a half after the murder of our comrade and the driver of her car, a key witness indicates the possible participation of President Jair Bolsonaro in the miserable crime.

It turns out that the doorman of the condominium where Bolsonaro owns two properties, says that on March 14, 2018, the day they Marielle was killed, Queiroz knocked on the door of house number 58 (one of the president’s houses) and “Mr. Jair ” replied giving him permition to enter. Within minutes, Queiroz and Lessa left the condominium together to cowardly kill Marielle and Anderson.

An interesting fact is that this key testimony that is very easy to collect, is made public through a television program. The civil police collected the testimony and elevated it to the prosecutor’s office in Rio de Janeiro that handles the case. But when the president of the country was involved, with legal privileges, on October 17, the prosecution asked the Supreme Federal Court (STF) to issue a ruling on whether or not the prosecution can continue the investigation. The president of the STF, Dias Toffoli still has not shown any response.

The Court, more than a year and a half after the murder, has not made progress in clarifying the case that allows us to know who sent Marielle to be killed. The judicial power, as we know, is neither blind nor deaf and its link to the political power of the day and suspicions of corruption are constant. Although from the beginning there were infinite suspicions about Bolsonaro’s link to the murder, today with this data, the suspicions become more evident. But we are talking about the president, his children who are part of the government and other government officials of Jair Bolsonaro. This is why we can no longer expect that we can reach the truth and get justice.

It is urgent to establish an Independent Investigative Commission to investigate without the conditioning of the government. A commission made up of public figures with an impeccable track record in the fight for human rights.

Bolsonaro has to go

The president is a fervent enemy of women, LGBTI people, the youth and workers. His attacks are constant and he turns them into publicly. He despises all that expresses struggle for conquests and rights in favor of the 99%. He rules for a handful of corporations that saw their fortunes favored in the last year thanks to the anti-worker policies of the national government.

But the barbarities that Jair does are isolating him day by day from his allies and from his social base that voted for him. Surveys are showing increasing disagreement with the government. A few days ago we saw how a crisis broke out in his own party and his, until then allies, put a brake on his intentions to concentrate more power around himself. The infamous policies and statements regarding ecocide in the Amazon. These are some of the examples of how Jair Bolsonaro begins to show that behind his apparent strength, cracks and deeper problems appear. Therefore, in each struggle or mobilization process, the first thing that arises is the shout of “Bolsonaro must go”. It is time to open an impeachment process against him. Because those who defend our conquests and rights, we are not going to allow this “bum” to come and take them away.

   * Justice for Marielle and Anderson.
   * Independent Investigation Commission to know the truth.
   * Bolsonaro has to go!

Veronica O’Kelly