Brazil: Justice for Kwahu Tenetehar (Paulo Paulino Guajajara)

The warrior Kwahu Tenetehar (Paulo Paulino Guajajara), member of the self-defense group “Guardians of the Forest”, of the Araribóia Indigenous Land in Maranhão, was killed in an ambush led by loggers who exploit the native forest of the region and maintain links with the parties that suppoort governor Flávio Dino (PCdoB). Another guardian, Tainaky Tenetehar (Laércio Guajajara) was injured, shot in the arm and ribs.
Like the Ka’apor Forest Guard of its northern neighbors, the natives patrol their territory and encounter loggers, destroy their machines and expel the invaders. This has caused several death threats that have been reported to the state and federal governments. These self-defense groups were created because of the total absence of organisms such as IBAMA and FUNAI, discarded on purpose, which makes it difficult to protect the indigenous lands of Guajajara, Awa-Guajá and Ka’apor that are constantly threatened by loggers and ranchers in Maranhão.
It is necessary to demand state and federal governments to recognize and respect the self-organization of indigenous peoples, ensuring the immediate dispatch of equipment and personnel to protect the forests and indigenous areas of the region.
We must also confront and replace the predatory model of agribusiness, which extracts common goods and destroys our land to guarantee the profits of the capitalists. We demand that deforestation be stopped immediately in the area and residents to define what, how and how much to produce according to the social needs of production and not those of business profits.

All our support for the self-determination of the peoples of Guajajara, Awa-Guajá and Ka’apor.

All our support for the actions of the Forest Guardians (Guajajara) and the Forest Guard (Ka’apor).

Punishment of the murderers of Paulo Paulino Guajajara.

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