Brazil: The Radical Left Organizes In the PSOL

By Verónica O’Kelly – Socialist Alternative in the ISL

A few months ago, comrades from different currents of the radical left decided to form a block within the PSOL. We did this because we are facing an attempt to liquidate the independent and anti-capitalist program that gave rise to the party when Lula and the PT leadership betrayed and capitulated to capital.

This Friday, February 2, the launching act of the Radical Left Block was held at the Metroviarios Union, in Tatuapé, in the city of San Pablo. It was organized in conjunction with the National Coordination of the CSP-Conlutas that was held on February 14, 15 and 16 in the same place, and in which the vast majority of us participate. The event´s panel was made up of all the currents that integrate the Bloc: Alternativa Socialista (AS), Luta Socialista (LS), Corrente Socialista de Trabalhadores e Trabalhadoras (CST), Grupo de Ação Socialista (GAS), Liberdade e Revolução Popular (LRP), PSOL pela Base, Socialismo ou Barbárie (SoB), Plínio Arruda Samapio Jr. and Renato Cinco. Comrades from other currents, like Samia Bomfim of the MES, members of the leadership of La Comuna and APS, among others, sent greetings. Comrades of the Argentine FIT Unidad, Guillermo Pacagnini for the MST and Alejandro Bodart for the International Socialist League, were present.

We are Up Against the Alianza and its “Refoundation”

The 7th National PSOL Congress will be held in Brasilia on May 17, 18 and 19. Twelve theses were presented on January 31 that reflect the debates taking place throughout the country.

The Radical Left Bloc has the challenge of confronting the political course that the majority, made up of the Alianza (block composed of Primavera Socialista, the current led by Boulos; Resistencia, the latest split from the PSTU; Insurgência, the official section of the USFI, among others), is steering the party towards. That course is the opposite of what the PSOL represented in its origins, and that is why they talk about “refounding” the party. In lieu of this objective, they presented a thesis that, based on a mistaken characterization of the Bolsonaro government and the process of class struggle in the country, Latin America and the world, advocates a political unity with all the parties that oppose the national government . That is, it proposes to unite with the PT and the entire left of the regime to remove Bolsonaro from the presidency. Once again, we face positions of class reconciliation that claim the existence of “camps” or sectors that, though not anti-capitalist (and much less revolutionary) and being direct agents of corporations and businessmen – as is the case of the PT, as seen in its national governments and its current provincial governments – are nonetheless progressive and represent a “lesser evil” against Bolsonaro. Therefore, according to them, we must make electoral alliances with the PT, PCdoB, PDT or any party that is opposed to the government. Boulos is the main spokesperson for this policy and we see him promoting it at every PT or Lula rally that is held. The electoral campaign of the last presidential elections, which had Boulos as PSOL´s candidate, saw a complete capitulation to Lulism, which led to a sharp electoral and political setback for the PSOL.

The MES and the Former Left Block Unfortunately the Movimento Esquerda Socialista (MES), which was part of the Left Bloc at the previous congress, has today separated itself and is more concerned with achieving good electoral performances and some positions in parliament, than with putting up a fight in the PSOL . That is why they maintain unclear and very ambiguous positions in relation to the debate over electoral alliances. On one hand, they speak against the possibility of allying with the regime’s left, and on the other they support Marcelo Freixo in Rio de Janeiro in his alliance with the PT. This leads them to make big mistakes like voting for the government’s Anti-Crime laws. All its politics are governed by the elections. We are at a key moment in the dispute over the independence and anti-capitalist character of the PSOL, so if we do not reverse this position, they will end up sharing the responsibility for the liquidation process led by the Alianza.

Everyone Against Bolsonaro?

Jair Bolsonaro´s government has many problems. It has lost social base and been weakened, which complicates its capacity to carry out its plans of austerity, repression and attack on rights. Less than a year from taking office, polls are unfavorable and discontent is increasing. Government support in December fell to 40% from 51% in April and 44% in September (Source: CNI / Ibope). This October 4, the president without a party will face elections in Brazil´s 5570 municipalities that will showcase his weakness and the prospect is that he will continue his decline.

Facing Bolsonaro in the streets and in struggles in unity with everyone is correct and necessary, but that does not mean political unity with those who ruled and governed for imperialism and capital. That is why the PT, Lula and Dilma lost the popular support that had led them to government. That great disappointment of the masses was taken advantage of by the right and put the misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic and anti-worker Bolsonaro and his clan, in the presidency.

The solution is to be the opposite of those who betrayed, applied austerity, and maintained inequality and poverty. The solution is to build a political alternative of those who resist, rebel and confront the Bolsonaro government and imperialism. That is why we feminists, eco-socialists and anti-capitalists defend a radical, rank-and-file PSOL of struggle!