Belarus: Workers´ Solidarity Has No Borders

The mobilization for freedom and for Lukashenko to step down, does not stop. Neither does our internationalist campaign of support.

The world is witnessing rebellions that confront power, in the midst of a pandemic and capitalist crisis. People are fed up with the suppression of democratic freedoms, austerity plans, job insecurity, poverty and the lack of a future perspective for the majority of society. The people are saying enough in the heart of Yankee imperialism, in Lebanon and also in Belarus.

On our page you will find extensive information about the demands and the actions we have taken. Today, when the fourth consecutive massive mobilization has been carried out for Lukashenko to step down and for new democratic elections, we publish the solidarity videos made by comrades from Argentina, Venezuela, Ukraine and France, which will continue with other countries.

They are greetings from leaders, delegates and union activists, teachers, state, administrative and precarious workers, legislative deputies and councilors of the left, in short, from the working class. They were brought together by the campaign carried out by the International Socialist League, from the conviction that if the Belarusian struggle wins, we will all win.