Western Sahara: Sahrawi Youth Union (UJSARIO) Statement

Youth organisations believe that the situation in Western Sahara merits an urgent solidarity and attention from the international community, and from all progressive forces worldwide, in order to support Saharawi people legitimate and noble struggle against the illegal and brutal colonial occupation by the Kingdom of Morocco.

We deeply regret the irresponsible behaviour of the United Nations and all other regional organisations, which are doing nothing to put an end to the illegal occupation by Morocco, and condemn this accomplice silence in front of Moroccan blatant violation of Saharawi people’s right to freedom and independence.

Youth organisanisations calls on the UN Security Council to name things as they should be named and accordingly adopt a clear position that would push towards the decolonisation of Western Sahara according to resolution 1514 and other relevant UN resolution.

In this regards, we would like to recall the UN and all other international and regional organisation the following facts that seems to be ignored or suppressed under smokescreen of irrelevant terms of realpolitik:

1- Morocco continues to be an illegal military force of occupation in Western Sahara. It holds absolutely no sovereignty on the territory and must be put to its right place.

2- Western Sahara is a non-self-governing territory according to the UN and is a sovereign independent member state of the African Union, whose people, the Saharawi people are the only holder of sovereignty on their land and are the only ones who can decide its fate and future.

3- The question of Western Sahara has been treated as a case of decolonisation since 1963, and as such it must be resolved. We totally refuse Moroccan attempts to impose any sort of colonial fait accompli, and consider the tolerance by the international community of this as a clear and blatant support to the law of the jungle in international relations.

4- We call for the immediate liberation of Western Sahara from the Moroccan colonialism and call on all sister organisations to do their utmost in order to raise awareness of their peoples, their governments and civil society about the Moroccan crimes.

5- We strongly support the Saharawi civilians demonstrating in front of the illegal Moroccan-built breach in Guerguarat region, and totally support their legitimate right to close this illegal and continuous violation of the settlement plan and cease fire.

6- We also call on Polisario Front and its armed branch to protect Saharawi civilians from any possible repression or attack by Moroccan soldiers or settlers, and consider this task a legitimate and uncontested obligation from Polisario and the Saharawi government towards its citizens.

7- we condemn Moroccan and European Union’s illegal plunder of Saharawi natural resources, and consider them both responsible for the persistence of Moroccan crimes in Western Sahara.

Finally, we call on the UN to stop turning a blind eye to its own resolutions and laws in Western Sahara and start implementing it by forcing Morocco to completely withdraw from Western Sahara to allow its people to live freely in dignity in their land.