Pakistan: Countrywide Students’ March – in Pictures

By Revolutionary Students Front – RSF

Despite all the hardships of COVID-19 crisis, lockdowns and closure of the educational institutes, this year’s countrywide students’ marches and protests by Students Action Committees (SAC) for the restoration of students’ union, banned in 1986 by Zia ul Haq dictatorship, are great success. Due to the COVID-19, SOPs were strictly followed, masks were distributed among participants. The demands of students include; increase in the education budget, no to online education without proper internet facilities all across the country, the establishment of harassment committees in the institutes with the representation of students, provision of hostels and transport, increase in scholarships and others. Here, we are publishing the pictures from all across the country of  Students’ March 2020 for our readers.

International Campaign

Revolutionary Students Front – RSF launched an international campaign for the support of this march just a few days before the event and it got tremendous response nationally and internationally. Comrades, students and activists from many countries supported the cause and expressed their solidarity with Pakistani students. Youth and activists from International Socialist LeagueMST of Argentina, Sindical leaders of France, Impulso Socialista of Colombia, Youth for Change of Lebanon, Alternativa Socialista of Brazil, Movimiento Anticapitalista of Chile, Socialist Alternative of Australia, Socialist Labourers Party of Turkey and activists from Paraguay, Belarus, Spain and USA expressed their support and solidarity with Pakistani students’ marches. Students’s Federation of India – SFI, the largest and radical students organisation of India, extended support to the marches in a statement.  

Solidarity Statement from Students’ Federation of India – SFI






Bhan Sayedabad

K. N. Shah



Thari Mirwah

Khairpur Miras





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