Russia: Against the persecution and incarceraton of Anastasia Ponkina

Solidarity with Russian activists, for the cessation of the regime’s attacks and for the annulment of the criminal cases invented to stop the protests.

By Rubén Tzanoff

Faced with the growth of mobilizations for democratic and social rights, the authoritarian regime of Vladimir Putin calls for the repression of activists and militants. It tries to generate fear in the population demands to not spread and deepen like in neighboring Belarus.

Now they want to imprison Anastasia Ponkina. In this regard, the RSD has made the following demand: “On March 10, a criminal case was opened against the activist from Izhevsk RSD, Anastasia Ponkina, 20 years old. On Monday, March 22, she went to the Investigations Department of the UMVD Directorate of the city of Izhevsk for questioning. Nastya is charged with “vandalism committed on the basis of political, ideological, racial, national or religious enmity or hatred, or on the basis of hatred or enmity against any social group” (Article 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, part 1. P. “b). We are talking about a peaceful rally in support of political prisoners that took place on January 23, in which Anastasia was present…” She attended as a representative of the channel Rusnews and made a live broadcast. The charge against her is an attempt to fabricate a case against political opposition.

Actually, the reactionary attack against Anastasia is due to her active participation in just causes: opposition to the construction of the Kambarka “death plant” (class 1 and 2 hazardous waste treatment), the launch of the campaign #homepiket in support of health and forest protection workers in the against the logging carried out by the construction company Assa-Stray, the rejection of amendments to the Constitution and the organization of a rally in memory of murdered anti-fascists, among other activities of social and political nature.

On March 12, the appeals court informed Anastasia of the end of the open administrative case against her and the initiation of a criminal case. Obviously, the police fabricated a charge that aims to punish Anastasia and intimidate other activists. The International Socialist League stood in solidarity with the “No to the persecution of Dmitriy Tsarenko!” campaign. We also supported the mobilizations for democratic and social rights during the recent wave of struggles, and now we stand in solidarity with Anastasia Ponkina. No more persecution, for the dropping of the criminal cases, no incarceration!