The eternal refusal of the Nuevo Mas: Do they want to advance in unity or not?

Nuevo Mas MST Unidad de la izquierda

By Francisco Torres 

Almost 20 days before the deadline to present alliances, the FIT Unidad forces have been debating and making proposals to advance in unity. In the struggles, combative unionism and also in the elections.

The MST, like other FIT-U forces, has included the Nuevo MAS and Manuela Castañeira in our proposals to unite the entire Left. We propose a great primary so that the vote of hundreds of thousands allows us to establish the order of our candidacies, with an anti-capitalist and socialist program. The proposal has gained momentum because it responds to the desire of broad sectors to achieve the unity of the entire Left to support each struggle and also to confront the candidates of the system in the elections. That is why it is a news that the media highlights. Such is the strength of the call that the Nuevo MAS had to recognize that “there was a stir in all social media and militancy” over the proposal. But what is striking is that later they say that this “commotion” would be for “a supposed call for the unity of all the forces of the Left, facing the next elections.” In spite of acknowledging that such a proposal “may be exciting”, the first response of the Nuevo MAS was to attempt to deny the call by saying that “in reality there is no concrete proposal.” The same was stated by Castañeira in Clarín, where she even accused the FIT-U of “dividing the left” (!).

The proposal exists and it is powerful

That is why they do an elaborate roundabout to attack it: “when they talk to us about unity, we know that it is only part of their electoral campaign. It is a scam to make them appear unitary and make us seem as divisionists.” Where does that leave us? Is there a concrete proposal or not? As it does exist and it is powerful, instead of answering it favorably, the Nuevo MAS goes on to disqualify it and intends to change its objectives and reduce it to petty interests: “the center of the proposal is that the Left can elect one more representative to congress.” Beyond this false and disqualifying claim, we ask again: where does this leave us? Is there a concrete proposal or not? Our proposal garners support and enthusiasm. Therefore, after denying its existence, they accuse it of being “a campaign.” To strengthen its divisionism, the MAS wants us to believe that “it is all a lying political campaign to attack parties that are not in the FIT Unidad such as the Nuevo MAS, the Tendency of the PO and the party of Luis Zamora ”. Nothing could be more false. The only thing riddled with lies is this unusual response by the MAS to a proposal to unite the Left. The proposal makes them uncomfortable and that is why they seek to pin their own far-fetched logic and ways of acting on others. Even Manuela tries to avoid the subject by saying that “what is necessary is to renew the left”, something we share and is not opposed to a broader agreement, with democratic mechanisms to resolve any possible renewal, as would be a primary of all the forces.

So do they want unity or not?

Their entire answer would point to the negative. And that at most they would be content with a small and divisive alliance with PO Tendencia, something they say would make them “very happy.” They still have another problem since the PO Tendencia is in favor of the proposal we are making, by calling for “a primary of the entire left” in which “the population judges and there is a public debate.” It is the opposite of the NMAS criticism of our call, saying that unity is not going to be achieved by arguing “behind closed doors between the parties of the left.” As another way of avoiding the proposal and reaffirming their divisive sectarianism, contrary to the needs of millions of workers, women and youth, the MAS responds that “unity is forged in the streets” and Manuela says that “it is time for unity in the struggles, the electoral discussion will come”. But with that strange “combative” veneer they only seek to avoid the concrete debate and reinforce their divisiveness. Because we see each other in the streets every day, but the electoral debate has accelerated because in little more than 20 days the alliances must be presented. If in 2019 they agreed with the primaries, why now do they not want to compete in one with the FIT-U forces? Or is it that their sectarianism actually hides the political opportunism of always being centered around their own electoral candidates? In short, and beyond the lies and disqualifications, there is something that we share with what the Nuevo MAS says and that is that “unity is something fundamental to grow stronger.” So they should put aside all divisiveness and respond positively to the call. To achieve that unity of the Left in a great primary, with a complete program and in support of the struggles.