Venezuela: We must promote united international mobilizations in solidarity with the Palestinian people

Impulsemos la movilización internacional unitaria en solidaridad con el pueblo palestino

By Marea Socialista

The genocidal aggressions of the State of Israel against the Palestinian people seem a never-ending story. The permanence of the colonialist and “apartheid” state set up by Zionism and the imperialist powers on the basis of the usurpation of Palestinian lands threatens to completely exterminate that heroic people and represents a murderous expansionist threat against the Arab peoples of the Middle East.

The hypocritical imperialist governments limit themselves to asking Israel for “moderation” in its devastating offensives, while they label Palestinians as “terrorists”. But it is an enormously unequal confrontation, where the Palestinians resist the constant expulsion from their territories and the eviction of families from their homes, with brutal and murderous methods applied by the colonizers, including the Israeli army’s bombardment of residential buildings, hospitals and schools, with numerous deaths of civilians and children, in addition to imposing walls, blockades and permanent repression, which turns what is left of the Palestinian territories into open-air prisons, as is the case of Gaza. The monarchies and dictatorships of the Arab countries, in turn, oscillate between inertia and open betrayal.

This is the policy of annihilation that the State of Israel has been applying since its creation in 1948 following the so-called “British Mandate of Palestine” imposed by the British colonialists after the domination of the Ottoman Empire and the end of the First World War. The “United Nations” at that time, led by the great powers, approved the Partition Plan of Palestine to give birth to Israel, which began the massive transfer of Jews from other latitudes and settlements were formed in what should have been be only 55% of the territory, but progressively left in the hands of Israel almost 90% of the habitable land. The objective, under the humanitarian pretext of providing a national home for Jews, was the installation of a large military base and aircraft carrier of imperialism now led by the U.S. for the control of large strategic areas of the world.

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Instead of Palestinians and Jews being able to coexist peacefully, a racist and warlike enclave was created to subjugate Palestine and the peoples of the region. That is why Israeli aggressions do not stop, though they always try to present the victims as the aggressors. The Palestinians defend themselves with strikes and demonstrations, with stones against Israeli tanks or with homemade rockets, while Israeli airplanes sweep residential areas with bombs. Israel is trying to label as “terrorists” the Palestinians who are barely defending themselves from the military monster they are admirably resisting. The State of Israel is the terrorist.

Marea Socialista has always had an active position of solidarity with the Palestinian people, against each operation of dispossession and massacre carried out by Israeli military forces (See: 28/12/08 – 06/01/09 – 17/07/14 – among other communiqués). Likewise, in more recent years, we have been and continue to be part of the international campaigns promoted by the International Socialist League ( that groups revolutionary organizations from different latitudes, including several from Middle Eastern countries (See: , , ,

This time, the “Nazi-Zionist” onslaught initiated in May 2021 has already claimed at least 220 Palestinian lives, including small children, in a proportion of 1/10 with respect to the victims on the Israeli side, and more than a thousand wounded, without counting the destruction of homes and civilian infrastructures.

We must comment that, in the face of this escalation, as atrocious and criminal as all those usually carried out by Israel, the right-wing and pro-imperialist opposition of Venezuela has come out in full support of the genocidal actions of the Zionist state, sustained and fed by its mentor, the US, reminding us of the type of model it offers to replace the government of Nicolás Maduro; who himself, while condemning Israel, maintains close relations with enemy or traitor governments, or that massacre other peoples such as the Kurds in Turkey.

In Latin America, other genocidal governments such as Duque’s maintain privileged relations with the State of Israel, as well as those of the so-called Lima Group and the Mercosur, in times of governments that posed as progressive and leftist, signed a free trade agreement with the persistent aggressor of the Palestinian people. “Business is business”, as the famous saying states… even if it is with criminals. Israel sells arms and trains police violators of Human Rights in several Latin American countries. Therefore, acting for the punishment of Israel not only helps the people of Palestine, but also helps the peoples that live south of Rio Grande fighting against pro-imperialist, exploitative and repressive governments.

In Marea Socialista and the International Socialist League (ISL), we actively repudiate this new criminal aggression by Israel, and to contribute to stop it we have been calling and promoting the broadest mobilization and international solidarity in favor of the Palestinian people. We believe that, in the face of the inequality of forces in the military field, the path of resistance of the Palestinian people continues to be its famous Intifada, as an expression of rebellious mobilization, accompanied by the conjunction of solidarity and the uprising of the rest of the Arab peoples, to demand an end to Israeli aggressions and massacres. But this cannot come to an end without advancing in the path of revolution in the Middle East and the world. The support of the workers and the planet´s peoples is essential to stop the persistent genocide that Israel continues to carry out against the Palestinian people.

However, we are also convinced that no solution is possible for Palestine without the destruction of the genocidal state of Israel as an enclave of imperialist oppression, to replace this barbaric monstrosity with a single, democratic, secular and non-racist Palestine, with its capital in Jerusalem, where Palestinians and Jews can coexist. But, at the end of the day, we also think that this is not the ultimate guarantee, because, as the ISL states, “the only guarantee for the oppressed peoples is socialism.”

We speak of genuine socialism, of course, and on an international scale, as the way to replace capitalist-imperialist domination, and for that reason, we cannot fail to say that our “model” is not a false scribble, like the savage capitalism in which the government of the bureaucracy has plunged the residues of what was once the hopeful Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela. However, we are in favor mobilizing together with all sectors in Venezuela and in the world that stand in solidarity with the suffering Palestinian people and against the criminal Israeli escalation.

Long live the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people! We must make Israel stop the aggressions and genocide against the Palestinians! Worldwide repudiation and punishment of the murderous, terrorist and Zionist Israeli government! Unitary and simultaneous international mobilization in solidarity with Palestine! For a secular, democratic and non-racist state that allows Palestinians and Jews to live in peace! For the uprising of the Arab peoples and towards a Socialist Middle East!