July 31: ISL International Conference

This Saturday, July 31, the ISL organizes a new international conference to exchange ideas about a topic that is transcendent for the entire militant vanguard of the world: the post-pandemic world and the tasks of revolutionaries.

The conference will begin with brief interventions by the international coordination of the ISL and then the debate will be opened to the sections of the different countries.

In the world there has been a rise in the class struggle, beyond logical regional inequalities, which includes greater social and political polarization as well as a shift to the left, for example, in countries of Latin America.

In this context of crisis, rebellions and abrupt changes, we face the challenge of defeating the various reformist sectors that seek to channel popular rebellions towards the institutional channels of the bourgeoisie, while also displacing abstentionist sectarianism.

Our strategic objective is to advance in the construction of revolutionary organizations in all countries and an international, standing on solid principled bases and at the same time open to the confluence of different revolutionary traditions.

The international conference on the 31st is organized at the service of these objectives, and we invite you to participate.