Western Sahara: In struggle for self-determination

Sahara Occidental

By Rubén Tzanoff

The Saharawi claim is strengthened based on the unwavering struggle of its people.

Just over a year ago, the Moroccan army’s aggression in Guerguerat led to a declaration of war by the Polisario Front. From that moment until now, the Sahrawi mobilization spread and received more support. The imperialists and their accomplices are concerned about the situation in Maghreb. Self-determination is the only just solution to the colonial situation and the invasion of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Breakdown of relations

Algeria broke diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Morocco. It did so to respond to the hostile acts of Mohamed VI´s regime. It is necessary to mention another fact that divides the Arab world: the relationship with the State of Israel. The Alawite monarchy of Morocco is one of those that recognized the genocidal Zionists in exchange for them ruling in favor of Moroccan sovereignty over the territories belonging to Western Sahara. This action configures a double betrayal, to the Arab peoples in general and to Palestine in particular. In the midst of so many ups and downs, a superstructural event occurred that left the invaders in a bad situation.

The veridict

The General Court of the European Union annulled the agricultural and fishing agreements signed by the European Commission with Rabat in 2019, for not having consulted the Saharawi people. It is not that the institutions of European imperialism has become progressive. Contradictions are at work, that emanate from the colonial situation not resolved by the UN in the only possible way: with the realization of the Self-determination Referendum proposed decades ago. The annulment of the agreements is a blow to the relations of European imperialism with the Moroccan kingdom. And the setback went even further.


In addition, the Court recognized the Polisario Front as its legitimate representative, “for its role and for its representativeness”, which is a reason for celebration for the Sahrawi people. There were European personalities and organizations of different origins that also agreed with the verdict, stating: “The historical plunder and repression suffered by Western Sahara must end once and for all. Neither the EU nor especially Spain can be accomplices. The solution is clear: self-determination,” and “The fish belong to Western Sahara, not the occupying power of Morocco.”

The progressives that do not appear

Spain does not want the cancellation of the agreements, since 92 of the 128 ships that operate in the area carry its flag. Nor does Morocco, because it will lose 52 million Euros per year. Both kingdoms will not be able to share the result of the fishing plunder, 90% coming from the Sahara. It is no coincidence that the PSOE-United We Can “progressive coalition” government has come out to reaffirm its strategic alliance with Morocco. According to some publications, the Spanish executive intends to press for the use of the two-month moratorium, present in the court´s opinion, And present an appeal that provisionally suspends the annulment of the agreement until there is a final judgment. As at the economic, political and social level, the progressives are also absent in international relations.

Worried Imperialists

The war with the Polisario Front, the Algeria-Morocco diplomatic rupture, the rapprochement of the Kingdom with the genocidal State of Israel and the friction between countries worry the European and North American imperialists. It is not a minor fact that the gas that reaches Europe from Algeria must pass through Moroccan territory. Neither is the plunder of phosphate and maritime wealth. If tensions deepen and there is an escalation of war, even of low intensity, economic and political interests woven between world powers and their local partners would be called into question.

Struggles in progress and struggles to come

Maghreb was the scene of the Arab Spring motivated by inequalities, poverty and authoritarianism. Africa has an explosive social situation, exacerbated by the crisis of the capitalist economy and the pandemic. In the region and its surroundings, the Algerian and Lebanese people rebelled and the heroic resistance of Palestine continues. To which we must add the systematic continuity of the claim for independence by Western Sahara with the new drive that the young generations provide. Tensions continue to accumulate that provoke and will provoke peoples’ struggles for their rights. The International Socialist League will continue to support the Saharawi claim, as well as other strikes and workers’ mobilizations in Africa and throughout the world. The unity of the Arab peoples against capitalist plunder, the imperialists and their gendarmes is more necessary than ever. Against bourgeois governments and authoritarian regimes. All in the strategic perspective of the mobilization and construction of revolutionary organizations that raises the banners of socialism with democracy.