JKNSF’s 21st “Socialist Jammu Kashmir Convention”


Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation’s (JKNSF) 21st Central “Socialist Jammu Kashmir Convention” was held on 9th of October, Saturday in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan held Kashmir. Hundreds of students from all over the Kashmir and different cities of Pakistan participated in the convention. The convention started with the arrival of caravans from different cities to Muzaffarabad, after which a rally was organized from Degree College Muzaffarabad under the banner ‘Student Rights Caravan’. Rally participants chanted slogans against inflation, unemployment, poverty, national and class oppression and for the restoration of students union. The rally converged at Upper Ada, where the convention was held.

Comrades and activists from all over the world expressed solidarity with the JKNSF’s convention as it’s being held in the most polarized time. The covid pandemic just deepened the crisis of already crisis ridden world economy. Comrade of International Socialist League, MST Movimiento Socialista de los Trabajadores from Argentina, Movimiento Anticapitalista from Chile, Sosyalist Emekçiler Partisi – SEP from Turkey, Delhi Anganwadi Workers & Helpers Union from India, and members and the comrades of  Revolutionary Students Front, Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign, and The Struggle (USA, UK, Greece, Italy, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Middle East) expressed solidarity and build the campaign of “Socialist Jammu Kashmir Convention”.

The Central President of JKNSF Abrar Latif presided over the first part of the convention and the second part was presided over by the newly elected Central President Khalil Babar. The new Cabinet of JKNSF was elected through consensus. The former central President Abrar Latif announced and took oath from the newly elected Cabinet. Khalil Babar from District Poonch was elected the new Central President of JKNSF and Basit Irshad from District Bagh became the new Secretary General. Other elected officials are Adnan Khan (Senior Vice President), Raja Naseer Khan (Vice President), Mujeeb Akbar (Deputy Secretary General), Anum Akhtar (Joint Secretary), Saad Khaliq (Chief Organizer), Usman Aziz (Deputy Chief Organizer), Mujeeb Gulzar (Chairman Finance Board), Zahid Haleem (Deputy Chairman Finance Board), Faizan Ali Sarwar (Chairman Publicity Board), Badar Rafiq (Editor Azam), Raja Hasnain (Media Secretary), Dr. Saad ul Hasan (Chairman Study Circle), Khurram Chohan (Deputy Chairman Study Circle). The youth and activists of JKNSF welcomed and congratulated the cabinet with revolutionary slogans.

The convention adopted a joint resolution which demanded unanimously the unconditional and immediate release of Ali Wazir (the left wing Member of National Assembly), the immediate re-conduct of MDCAT test on the same day all over the country, the abolition of NLE test, restoration of student unions, immediate end to rampant inflation, an end to terrorism and unconditional recognition of right to self-determination not only for Jammu Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan but for all the oppressed and subjugated nationalities of subcontinent. The Convention also demanded an end to the reactionary intervention of regional states and imperialists in Afghanistan and the recognition of the right of Afghan workers and youth to decide their own future.

It was declared that the solution to the problems of poverty, ignorance, inflation, unemployment, terrorism, social & economic deprivation and national oppression is the socialist overthrow of capitalism.

Speakers of the event include Revolutionary Leader Ilyas Khan (President PTUDC Pujab), Awais Qarni (Central Organizer RSF), Basharat Ali Khan (Former Central President JKNSF), Alia Amir Ali (Leader AWP), Dr. Changez Malik (Central Joint Secretary PTUDC), Shujaat Kazmi (Chairman People’s Labor Bureau), Umar Rasheed (Information Secretary PTUDC), Qaiser Javed (PSC, Lahore), Ikram Ullah (PRSF Islamabad), Chaudhry Jahanzeb (District President PSF Chakwal), Rashid Sheikh (Former Central President JKNSF), Adnan Khan (Newly Elected Senior Vice President JKNSF), Taimoor Saleem (Chief Organizer JKNSF), Shafqat Rahim Dad (Chairman Publicity Board), Marwat Rathore (Senior Vice President), Dr. Saad ul Hasan (Newly Elected Chairman Study Circle), Mujeeb Khan (Chairman JKNSF Poonch University), Adeeba Ali (RSF, Faisalabad), Mahnoor Baloch (Baluchistan), Anum Akhtar (Newly Elect Joint Secretary JKNSF) and Ali Arshad Khan (Organizer JKNSF Post Graduate College Rawalakot).

Arsalan Shani (Deputy Chairman Finance) and Basit Irshad (Newly Elected Secretary General JKNSF) performed the duties of stage Secretary at the Convention. Newly elected editor ‘Azam’ Badar Rafiq presented the resolutions of the convention. Awais Rafiq, Omar Abdullah Khan, Maryam Haris, Badar Rafiq and others sang revolutionary songs. The book stall by The Struggle Publications received enormous response by the participants. The speakers pledged their commitment in combining the Jammu Kashmir’s emancipation struggle with the abolition of capitalism, and with the struggles of workers and youth across the subcontinent till the final victory of the socialist revolution.