International campaign: Freedom to George Ibrahim Abdullah!

Prisoner George Ibrahim Abdullah is a communist militant who was arrested in France in 1984 while Beirut and southern Lebanon were under an “Israeli” invasion that claimed the lives of thousands of civilians. He is accused of murdering Israeli and American soldiers who participated in the invasion. At his trial, the prosecutor demanded ten years for him, but the judge imposed a harsh life sentence on him, after pressuring French public opinion by accusing the family of prisoner Abdullah of the bomb attacks that took place in Paris and affected civilians. Afterwards the network that carried out the attacks to which Abdullah’s family had no connection was revealed. Rulings were issued for the release of prisoner George Abdullah three times, in 2003 and 2012 by the Ordinary Court, and in 2013 by the Court of Appeal. But the latest ruling was blocked by the French administration due to a US order when the interior minister refused to sign the document to deport prisoner George Abdullah to Lebanon. In July 2020, the prisoner’s lawyer, George Ibrahim Abdullah, submitted to the French Minister of the Interior a request to sign a deportation decision to Lebanon, after which he received no response, for which the latter returned and filed a lawsuit before the Administrative Court requesting the minister´s signature of the. On January 27, at two in the afternoon, the Administrative Court will hold a public session to hear the case. Therefore, we and the united campaign for the release of prisoner George Abdullah in France, call for a mass gathering in front of the Administrative Court and a strong presence inside the courtroom to put pressure on the Minister of the Interior to implement the judicial decision to release George under the call: “You must sign.” We also call, through the International Socialist League, for an international campaign to put pressure on the French Minister of the Interior and the French government, under the title “He must sign!” “The ministry must sign” Campaign of pressure on the French administrative court for the release of prisoner George Abdullah International campaign: The minister must sign!