Mobilizations for the Sahara in Spain: “Sanchez, do not decide on my behalf”

Another historic stab at the Saharawi people is consummated. Sanchez aligns himself with US imperialism and recomposes his relationship with the Alaouite kingdom. The UN and the imperialists are responsible for stopping the decolonization of Western Sahara. The endorsement by the “progressive coalition” government of the autonomy plan caused widespread rejection. Thousands of young Saharawi and European activists won the streets for a Free Sahara. The mobilization points in the direction of self-determination. Unity in the struggle with the workers and peoples points the way to a strategic way out: a Free Federation of Socialist Republics in a unified Africa.

By Chaiaa Ahmed Baba and Rubén Tzanoff

In 1884 Spain colonized the territory of Western Sahara until 1975, when the dictator Franco abandoned what was until then the 53rd province and the Moroccan invasion ensued. Now it is Pedro Sanchez who is setting aside Spain’s responsibilities in the decolonization process, as a former administering power. The decision of the PSOE-UP government to support Morocco’s autonomy plan aims to bury self-determination.

An artful stab by the government

The statements of the PSOE for the Referendum have been going on for decades and were repeated both in its electoral platform for the elections of November 2019 and in the speeches of Pedro Sanchez before the UN in September 2020. The Spanish government has nothing “progressive” or “left” as they define themselves likewise and as Podemos, IU and others to justify their support to a bourgeois government, as lying and defender of the regime as the PP.

Spain behind imperialism, next to the invader

Sanchez made the decision to align himself behind US imperialism and to recompose political and commercial relations with his partners in the anti-democratic Alawite kingdom. None of this went unnoticed. On the contrary, it came to the forefront of the Spanish political scene.

Expressions of rejection from above

At the international level, Algeria criticized Sánchez’s decision. The final position to be adopted by the Algerian regime is important as it is a gas supplier to the Spanish State, with projection to Europe. The Congress also complained about the lack of prior information. There, deputies of different extractions, even from parties defending the nefarious regime of 1978, asked for explanations. Beyond this, the main thing is that the anger was expressed in wide popular sectors.

Thousands of people won the streets

The Saharawis reacted immediately by flooding the social networks with a clear message to Sanchez “You do not decide on my behalf”. Associations in favor of self-determination called for demonstrations. The streets were again stained with the colors of the Saharawi flag. Young people led protests in Madrid, Barcelona, the Basque Country, Valencia, Andalusia, Galicia, Castile and Leon and other autonomous regions. Each demonstration was supported by broad social sectors. This is the way forward for the government to reverse its ill-fated decision. 

The UN and the imperialists, necessary accomplices

With each blow to the Saharawi people, the nefarious role of the UN, deployed through MINURSO (United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara), is reaffirmed. Its intervention only served to consolidate the invading position and to facilitate the search for “new agreements” to replace self-determination. Placing confidence in this body of the powerful did not and will not serve the Saharawis to achieve freedom.

Self-determination for a Free Sahara

The only just solution to the conflict is for Morocco to leave the Saharawi territories and stop stealing their resources. And with them to withdraw from the Maghreb the imperialists of all kinds who plunder the natural resources with their companies and the genocidal state of Israel, vilely introduced by the Moroccan authorities. 

Unity of struggles

We support and promote the mobilizations, as well as an international campaign of solidarity videos. And so we will continue, together with the people who fight for their freedom, as do our Palestinian brothers. Raising the need for unity with the struggles of the workers of the Maghreb, of Europe and with other oppressed peoples; like the Ukrainian people who suffer the Russian invasion and the expansionism of Western imperialism.

Socialism, a more current strategy than ever before

Imperialist capitalism is at the root of all the sufferings of the great popular majorities and oppressed peoples. It causes social crises, wars and the elimination of elementary democratic freedoms. That is why, at the same time as supporting the struggles, we raise the need to organize ourselves to fight for a fundamental, strategic solution, a Free Federation of Socialist Republics in a unified Africa.