Ukraine: Mine worker Alexander Agafonov has died in battle

Alexander was a member of the Independent Trade Union of Ukraine «Zahist Pratsi». He was fighting on the southern front when the detachment he served in came under heavy shelling in the combat area between Kherson and Nikolaev.

On behalf of the International Socialist League, we express our sorrow at the death of Alexander, a working class hero who fell in battle fighting against the invasion of Ukraine carried out by the Russian imperialist army under the orders of Putin. Our condolences to his family, friends and comrades in the Union, along with a warm hug.

Below, we reproduce the text published by Oleg Vernyk, president of the Union:

“Dear friends. Very tragic and sad news. Alexander Agafonov, a member of our main trade union organization “Zakhist Pratsi” Independent Union of Ukraine of the “Buzhanskaya” Mine, “Volynugol” State Company, died heroically in the war against the Russian occupiers. There are no words. Our deepest condolences to Alexander’s family and friends.