Brazil: Open statement of entry into Alternativa Socialista (AS) and the International Socialist League (ISL)

In recent months, our group known in Curitiba-PR as O POVO PELO POVO, went through intense debates on what would be the best way to give political and mainly organizational answers to the current moment of the class struggle in Brazil. We are aware of the great challenges ahead of us, mainly because we act in the peripheries and slums where the working class and the youth live. All these contradictions have led us to have a declared enemy of the working people as the president of our country with the intention of destroying all the minimal historical conquests that have been conquered so far, in addition to his fascist ideas and an authoritarian project together with his supporters. On the other side, we have the former president Lula and the Workers Party, who in no way represent a real solution for the working class, black people, women, LGBT community or the youth of the periphery. On the contrary, they are building once again the real conditions for an even stronger development of an organized extreme right wing sector in the country with the solely electoral strategy they have adopted for decades. Class conciliation with the enemies of the workers, which are the rich and powerful, which we call the bourgeoisie, has already been historically proven wrong and we believe that we cannot feed this defeatist policy for our class. Therefore, we decided to start the construction of a new project in Brazil and internationally, present through the International Socialist League in more than thirty countries and in all continents, the moment demands courage and that means that we need to dispute in all spaces the building of Socialism to free the world from the daily barbarism of the capitalist way of destroying lives and dreams.


We will continue to fight for a PSOL that is independent of the bosses, with a program against Brazilian and international capitalism, rooted in the working class, in peripheral youth, in women, who play a fundamental role in the class struggle, with black men and women who rise up in the USA and Brazil for the right to live, and with the LGBT community, who survives daily in a violent country like Brazil.

We are aware of the need to overcome the left that is adapted to order, and at the same time crush fascism that rehearses dangerous steps in Brazil and in the world, therefore, the PSOL still plays a fundamental role in the organization of sectors of the Brazilian socialist left, and it is not time to abandon the dispute of a party built with so many efforts and that has been demonstrating its potential for dispute at the national level.

Considering this scenario, where our class and the peripheral youth find themselves without the minimum perspectives of life, of employment and of dreaming for a better future, our group decides to ask to join a revolutionary, socialist and internationalist organization, which is Alternativa Socialista (AS) in Brazil and the International Socialist League (ISL).

We also believe that within the organization we will be better prepared to give answers to our class, to the youth and to other fundamental sectors in the class struggle, which are women,  black people and the LGBT community, thus contributing with thousands of revolutionaries in Brazil and in the world, to finally build an organization with weight in our class, which has the capacity to mobilize and attract workers and popular sectors.

It is with this will, dedication, commitment, discipline and real dream, that from today we join the Socialist Alternative (AS) and the International Socialist League (ISL), for a world socialist revolution, built with the forgotten men and women of the favelas and peripheries of Brazil and the world.


Jean Henrique – Pre-candidate to State legislator for PSOL-PR and militant of the movement O POVO PELO POVO.

João – Militant of Movimento Popular O POVO PELO and of the Coletivo Vespa

Kamila de Paula – Militant of O POVO PELO POVO and Social Worker

Patrícia – Telemarketing worker, UFPR Literature student and POVO PELO POVO activist

Bruno – Health worker, militant of Movimento O POVO PELO POVO and the Vespa collective

Isa – Telemarketing worker and activist of the O POVO PELO POVO Movement

Jeferson de Paula – Motoboy and activist of the POVO PELO POVO Movement

Carlos Henrique – Worker, activist of the Youth and the POVO PELO POVO Movement

Johnatan Lima – Worker (Caicó – Rio Grande do Norte)