The ISL report on the International Commission was presented in a packed hall

At a packed auditorium of the Faculty of Social Sciences and with live broadcast, the ISL report on the International Commission for the life and freedom of political prisoners in Nicaragua was presented in Buenos Aires.

With an auditorium bursting with hundreds of comrades who followed attentively in the auditorium (plus hundreds more who watched online), the presentations by Ariana McGuire, exiled Nicaraguan and militant of Alternativa Anticapitalista – ISL, and Mariano Rosa, coordinator of the International Commission representing the ISL and MST in the FIT Unity leader. Also at the table were Mohamet Pacheco and Elmer Rosales, both Nicaraguan exiles and militants of Alternativa Anticapitalista, the Nicaraguan section of the ISL, and Cele Fierro, leader of the MST in the FIT Unity.

The activity began with greetings from important Nicaraguan comrades, such as Mónica Baltodano, former leader of the FSLN and minister of the government of the 1979 revolution. Gabriel Putoy, teacher and representative of the Reflection Group for Released Political Prisoners, and Roger Martínez, representative of the Congress of Unity of the Free Nicaraguans.
The recognition of the important activity of the Commission and the ISL as its promoter and the request to redouble the efforts in the activity arose from the words of each and all.

In her speech, Ariana recounted the process of confronting the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship, the role of the youth, the importance of building an alternative, and the orientation that we promote from Alternativa Anticapitalista and the ISL to strengthen the political work in the area.

After a heated applause, it was time for another round of greetings, this time by Susana López, mother of a young man murdered in 2018 and leader of the Mothers of April Association, Jimena Ruiz, of the Collective of Rural Feminists, Grethel Gómez, exile and mother of a former political prisoner and vice president of the OVA (Organization of Victims of April) and Danilo Saravia, of the Articulation of Social Movements.

In closing, Mariano Rosa, developed various aspects of the impact of the action of the Commission headed by the ISL, as well as anticipated information from the testimonies collected in interviews conducted for the Final Report that is being prepared. The systematic violation of human rights forms a compelling panorama of crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Ortega-Murillo couple. He also developed the network of family business and the capitalist matrix on which the dictatorial regime in Nicaragua is based, unmasking all the falsity of the leftist “narrative” of the FSLN in power. In the same sense, he presented debates that exist in the exile organizations and the vision, from the ISL of the tasks proposed for the resistance to the dictatorship in Nicaragua.