Unitary rally in Argentina: 5 months of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Last July 24th marked 5 months since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and for this reason various anti-capitalist and socialist forces agreed to hold a joint event at the Obelisco, raising an independent and socialist position against the ongoing war, with the participation of a large number of workers and youth.

Having five months of war and invasion of Ukraine, we believe it is essential to propose the tasks of the revolutionary left, starting with demanding that the Russian imperialist troops leave Ukraine, supporting the resistance of the Ukrainian people and also demanding that NATO leaves the entirety of Eastern Europe. In that context, this Tuesday afternoon we held a unitary and internationalist rally of several leftist parties at the Obelisco.

Sergio García, from the MST-FIT Unity and the International Socialist League, closed the rally and a few minutes before the beginning of the event told Periodismo de Izquierda, among other things, the following: “We are actively participating in this and other activities, proposing firstly the denouncement of the invasion by the imperialist Russian troops of the Ukrainian territory, recognizing the right of the Ukrainian people to defend themselves and face this invasion, organizing themselves to defend their sovereignty and territory. We cannot be neutral in the face of the invasion by an imperialist power over a semi-colonial country. At the same time we denounce, as it is also part of the nature of the war, the meddling of NATO and the USA over Eastern Europe, where it has been progressing and we demand they leave.”

The rally, in solidarity with the resistance of the Ukrainian people, also counted with the presence of Cele Fierro and Guillermo Pacagnini from the MST in the FITUnity, and also speeches by Juan Carlos Giordano from Socialist Left-UIT, Juan Carlos Beica from Convergencia Socialista, Daniel Ruiz from the PSTU-LIT, Gastón from Opinión Socialista y Walter Montoya from Democracia Obrera. Next we reproduce the intervention of the closure of the rally by Sergio García, from the MST and the International Socialist League (ISL), who among other matters highlighted the workers’ and militant activity of the comrades of the Ukrainian Socialist League, section of the ISL that actively intervenes in said country: