Peru: The workers and their organizations must decide the future of the country

Declaration of the Movimiento Anticapitalista of Peru

The workers and their organizations must decide the future of the country: BROAD MOBILIZATION FOR A FREE AND SOVEREIGN CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY

Our country is experiencing a deep political crisis that worsens every hour. It has been barely a year of Castillo’s government and we have already gone through the sixth minister change and the fifth premier and balance is always unstable. All the illusions that the Castillo Government awakened in its beginning, and for which he was elected, crumble one after the other without a solution of continuity abandoning already the entirety of his program and logically his popularity plummets since his turn to the right is the opposite of the aspirations of the great majorities. Castillo understands that his survival exclusively depends on the number of concessions he makes in favor of the powerful and that condemns him to an almost unanimous rejection.

However, as we have already stated in previous declarations, the discredit of the Government comes with the disdain that the majority of the population also feels about the Congress and the institutions as a whole. This generalized rejection is the expression of a very deep structural crisis that is terminal and has no way out within the exhausted limits of the capitalist expressions of Peru.

Neither the Government nor the Congress can offer a way out that satisfies and begins to give solutions to the urgent problems we suffer, with soaring unemployment rates, rampant inflation and a generalized indebtedness to try to make ends meet. Very much on the contrary, both with different speeches, they try to appear as the main guarantors to maintain the privileges of the bourgeoisie and the hegemonic sectors of the power. Castillo also tries to disappear as a victim in the face of the corruption accusations and the right in all its variants is set to weaken the Government to see if it finds to loophole to cause its vacancy. In this context, the closure of the Congress has become a necessity or calling for new elections.

The workers, peasants and popular sectors are going to oppose any blow from Fujimorismo and its allies. We do not acknowledge their authority as they were already rejected at the ballot boxes and on the streets, but at the same time we cannot keep waiting for Castillo to begin implementing some of his campaign promises. There will be no change of direction as his entire orientation is yielding and yielding to the hegemonic powers. That is why we believe we need to take the destiny of Peru into our own hands and we need to mobilize to finally demand the call for a Free and Sovereign Constituent Assembly that debates what is what we want of the future of our country, and that eliminates once and for all every reactionary and anti-popular conditioning of the Fujimorista Constitution of 1991. We also know that this goals are unattainable with the arrangements and negotiations of the leaderships away from the working people. We will achieve them with the most unitary and deepest mobilization of those who want to really change the destiny of our country. From our young organization we urgently call on the workers, the youth and peasants to join us in this task and be part of a new revolutionary organization that is clearly anti-capitalist, socialist and democratic like the one we are building from our ALTERNATIVA ANTICAPITALISTA.