Venezuela: We condemn the government’s attempts to outlaw the Communist Party from the electoral process

By Marea Socialista

The government of Nicolás Maduro has been showing signs of being in a fraudulent operation to strip the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) of its electoral card and to give it to some artificial formation that will give support to the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and the so-called Great Patriotic Pole, in the next elections to be held in Venezuela.

In this way, the Government-PSUV intends to close the way to any possible emerging candidacy to the left of the ruling party, which for some time now has been very far to the right.

This maneuver is part of the “simulated democracy” that the government and its institutional operators have hypocritically installed as a mask or cover for its authoritarian, repressive, exclusionary and basically single-party political regime, even though it is embellished with the flowers of political franchises created to its measure and convenience, as a way of being able to count on a pseudo-democratic choreography that is complacent and absolutely malleable.

It has been doing so with some right-wing opposition parties, whose directives were replaced by collaborationist fractions, in exchange for political or other colors, taking advantage in part of the serious faults committed by some of their leaders with attacks to the constitutional system supposedly in force, but violated on all sides and by actors on both sides.

It has also done so with parties that were part of the periphery of Chavism, whose main leaders adopted dissident or critical positions, or those of dissociation regarding the government. This happened with the PPT-Uzcátegui, with the Tupamaros, and with other groups as well.

The government and its institutional puppets, in some cases, have blocked the legalization process of certain existing political organizations, as happened with Marea Socialista, which was prevented by the CNE and the TSJ from legalizing itself. They did so starting by not authorizing the use of its name to have an electoral card and tried to justify it with ridiculous arguments, with no real legal basis, in a sort of “political trial”. When our case, that of Marea, was taken to the TSJ, the latter allowed the blockade carried out by the CNE instead of protecting the right of participation of our party as they should.

Unfortunately, many of those who would later be victims of similar maneuvers, were inhibited in their solidarity duties because they were still linked to the government and did not understand those of us who were pioneers in their denunciation as a serious deviation with respect to the revolutionary process. They interpreted that the denial of the electoral card to Marea had nothing to do with them. Nowadays, we are all paying the cost of the lack of unity and determination to confront and stop the anti-democratic and totalitarian practices of the State government led by the PSUV and military corporatism, not only anti-democratic and totalitarian, but also deeply anti-worker and pro-capitalist, as well as counter-revolutionary.

In this situation, we reiterate our solidarity, now with the PCV, as we previously expressed it with the PPT-Uzcátegui and other affected sectors. We reject once again these deceitful procedures set up by the deceitful government of Maduro and the PSUV, and we demand the restitution of the constitutional and electoral democratic guarantees that have been cut to the Venezuelans, in the style of the right-wing governments.

In the defense of democratic freedoms, we have only made specific distinctions with those bourgeois political parties of the coup and interventionist right wing, which we have pointed out for their conspiratorial actions under the direction of different governments of the United States and the main economic power groups of Venezuela. But we warn that this cannot be used as a false excuse to curtail the freedoms of political adversaries and critics for their own convenience.

We call upon the democratic, popular and leftist political sectors and organizations to join this common cause, that of the defense of the full political and electoral rights of all parties within the constitutional framework.

In these times, in which there is a new anti-democratic onslaught, we once again say emphatically: No to the manipulations of the government and the PSUV to outlaw or disregard the political and electoral rights of other parties! No to the attempts to outlaw the PCV! No to the curtailment or blocking of democratic and electoral rights against parties and movements of the left by the ruling right! For the recovery of the right to democratic and protagonist, electoral, civil, union and all kinds of participation!

We also call to jointly undertake a national and international campaign for our collective rights of political and union participation in all senses and spheres of national life since something similar also happens with unions, media, non-governmental civil organizations and other forms of organization when they are not docile to the government, which seeks to monopolize, domesticate or dominate imposingly all spheres of social and political life.