Statement of the Solidarity with Ukraine European Network  (Catalonia)

A Global Week of Solidarity with the Ukrainian People is taking place in different countries. Different actions are carried out in Barcelona. On the 24th the Ukrainian community will mobilize with the manifesto elaborated by Barcelona amb Ucraïna and on the 25th there will be a rally for “An immediate ceasefire” called by the platform Catalunya per la pau. The Solidarity with Ukraine European Network, of which SOL-Spanish State integrates together with other political organizations and representatives of the Ukrainian and Russian communities, has elaborated its own manifesto to distribute.

We hereby present the Manifesto:

Rally in support of Ukraine at Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona.

Peace for Ukraine, Russian troops out!

The Solidarity with Ukraine European Network in Catalonia (XESU-Catalonia) stands in solidarity with the struggle of the Ukrainian people against the Russian invasion.

There are thousands of victims of this war, millions were displaced, the material damage is of billions of euros. Russian armed forces have committed war crimes, including murder of civilians, torture, rape, destruction of vital infrastructure and forced deportations of adults and children.

In the course of this war, Russia is becoming an increasingly violent, reactionary and authoritarian state. We want peace. Peace based on respect for international law and reparations for the damage caused. Only such a peace will be sustainable and just, and in the long term will contribute to the reconciliation of the peoples of the two neighboring states.

A just peace can only be achieved when Russia vacates all internationally recognized Ukrainian territories. We do not agree with those who adhere to a so-called “neutrality”, speak only of NATO’s responsibility and do not demand the withdrawal of Putin’s army from Ukraine.

We are against armamentism and the increase of military budgets. But we support the right of the Ukrainian people to defend themselves by all means at their disposal.

If Ukraine does not defend itself, it will cease to exist; if Russia does not attack, peace will come.

We also support the right of all refugees and displaced persons to return safely to their homes. We call for extending the right to international protection to Russian and Belarusian citizens who refuse to participate in the war of aggression against Ukraine.

We also demand the establishment of an international tribunal for war criminals and the restoration of justice for the victims of war crimes, with full compensation for moral and material damages.

XESU opposes policies based on the great power blocs, whether Putin or NATO. We stand in favor of friendship, cooperation and solidarity among peoples on the basis of the right of self-determination.

We seek to cooperate with all people who support these goals, especially the Ukrainian community, but also Russians and Belarusians in Spain and abroad who oppose the armed invasion and the dictatorial regimes of Putin and Lukashenko.

If you agree to promote and coordinate this struggle, please contact us to help Ukraine in solidarity.