Nicaragua: Manifesto for our freedom

Once again and for five years we have been living under a dictatorship in Nicaragua. The State has deployed a systematic plan of repression to intimidate all the people; students and workers. The social majorities, diverse as they are, took to the streets mobilized by indignation and were participants in a true rebellion.

Although, the first weeks of April 2018 were raising the temperature of youth sectors in the heat of the serious fire in the biosphere reserve Indian corn; when the reform to the INSS pension system and the violent response of the Sandinista youth to the dignified claim of the people was added,  we experienced a conscious transformation, from social weariness to collective rage.

The unity of the people taking to the streets and universities, in demand for the abuses experienced for years and the cruel repression causing the first murders, quickly went on to demand the resignation of the government and question all State institutions, being the clearest expression of sentiment against those who make us precarious, impoverish us and frustrate our dreams.

We understood that there was a very close complicity, which originated as a result of the pacts and conciliations that were built up over the years between the sectors of national and imperialist economic and political power. And it is sustained thanks to the economic interests that still unite them.

Therefore, the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship, like that of the Somozas, is a regime that functions to defend the privileges of a wealthy sector, with all the political maneuvers developed within the framework of institutionality, which were adopted at convenience, to achieve the greatest exploitation of the labor of the workers, of the countryside and the city. Laws that do not defend us, poverty wages and labor regimes threaten our health and human dignity in addition to the displacement of indigenous and peasant communities for the advancement of territories for the benefit of extractivism and mega projects, usurping the Nicaraguan people of their most basic rights for life.

The defense of land, water and sovereignty, together with the struggle for health, education, housing and decent work, are our just causes. Causes of all the people that, for decades, defended them against the attacks carried out by the different governments. We are convinced that only with unity that starts from below, among those of us who see and feel oppressed, can we carry forward and build the country we need.

The crisis in Nicaragua, as of 2018, is just one more chapter of that struggle. A struggle of interests in which clash, the working people and the capitalist political-economic power that exploits us. The latter with the service of a State as its instrument that, again, has not spared in repressing, persecuting, imprisoning, banishing and murdering those of us who fight against it.

We have suffered exile and forced migration, almost forever. The hatred of a minority that holds the monopoly of repression and labor exploitation. We are tired of not being able to claim our rights as workers and not being able to live in freedom, we want to recover what is ours. We want to conquer our emancipation and no longer be exploited or oppressed. We want to erase inequality and injustice, organizing ourselves to achieve it.

We promote the broadest unity in defense of democratic rights, for the life and freedom of political prisoners, against the dictatorship. At the same time we consider it important to analyze our political history and reflect on the country we need to get out of the economic, social and political crisis we are living in. We believe that it is a responsibility of the Nicaraguan working people as a whole to assume this task; in defense of our labor, civil and political rights, even our own life and freedom.

We are the majority, we are Nicaraguans, the poor people who know about struggles and dignity. We feel rage for all these injustices, rage that drives us to resist the adversities 5 years after the April rebellion, rage to organize ourselves and recover our country. Rage against the governments that oppress and exploit us in exile, taking advantage of our condition as migrants. We stand in solidarity with the struggles of the working class, the youth and the working sectors in the world who, in defense of their just causes, face anything and everyone. This capitalism in planetary crisis leaves no way out for those of us at the bottom. That is why we choose to fight to throw out the dictatorship and build a new Nicaragua that reorganizes the economy without businesses, large landowners or repressors, with a real full democracy of the workers, rural and urban; with the youth, women, LGBT people and indigenous peoples, and without any imperialist interference!  We are socialists and internationalists who fight for that perspective. We are not giving up. We are still standing. We will go all the way in.

Alternativa Anticapitalista