Morocco-Ukraine: Agreement against Western Sahara

On May 22, in Rabat, the diplomatic delegations of Morocco and Ukraine agreed to deepen political and economic ties. Morocco obtained an extra, support for its occupation of Saharawi territories. It is necessary to promote the unity of the peoples in struggle independently of their governments, with the strategy of the definitive national and social liberation.

First stop of the Africa tour

Starting a tour of Africa, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, met with his Moroccan counterpart, Nasser Bourita. It was the first high-level meeting in 31 years. Both authorities signed a diplomatic memorandum of understanding to deepen their political and economic ties.

With the usual brazenness of the invader

Trying to express a neutral position towards the war, Bourita stressed that his country has “excellent relations” with both Ukraine and Russia. In addition, he condemned the “use of force” to resolve conflicts and assured that Morocco respects the “sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries.” However, during decades the regime of the Aluite Dynasty has denied these rights to the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR). And, through the use of force, it forces the Saharawi people to survive separately in the camps of Tindouf (Algeria), in the occupied cities and in the zone liberated by the Polisario Front. The Moroccan invaders display total brazenness.

Against some oppressors, not others

For his part, Ukrainian Minister Dymitró Kuleba welcomed the signing of the agreements, announced that Morocco will fill the post of ambassador in Kyiv and invited Bourita to travel to the capital city. And, in addition, he made reference to the Moroccan proposal for autonomy for the invaded territories that belong to Western Sahara, contrary to self-determination. Specifically, he said: it is “a serious and credible basis for the solution of the conflict” clarifying his support for the invasion. It is something highly contradictory when the Ukrainian resistance faces the Russian invasion in the occupied areas or under fire. Zelensky’s government befriends the oppressors and distances itself from the peoples who struggle.

Aligned behind Western imperialism

As a corollary to a reprehensible policy, Bourita and Kuleba praised the UN, the body that, through the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO), consolidates the Moroccan occupation by not advancing toward the self-determination Referendum that gave rise to the Mission. Mohamed VI’s monarchy and the Zelensky government are pro-Western imperialists at the service of the oligarchs. For this reason, some repress and others take away the rights of the working class in the midst of war, with the aim of guaranteeing business profits. They are aligned behind the policies of Western imperialism.

With the struggles of the Saharawi and Ukrainian peoples

From the International Socialist League (LIS) we promote the unity of workers and peoples who struggle throughout the world. We stand in solidarity with the demands of the Saharawi people and the young people who are mobilizing for the withdrawal of the invaders, the recognition of the right to self-determination and respect for human rights. We stand for the unity of the African and Arab peoples against their common enemies. In Ukraine we support the resistance against the invasion of Russian imperialism and the withdrawal of the invading troops, for Crimea we defend a process of genuine self-determination, not the animated operetta that Russian imperialism is now executing and propagandizing. At the same level, in Eastern Europe, we reject the interference of Western imperialism and NATO as its expansionist tool of war.

With political and organizational independence

Revolutionary socialists support a principled orientation together with the workers and the people, with total independence from governments, exploiters, oppressors and their political representations. As our comrades of the Ukrainian Socialist League well put it “After our victory over the external enemy, we have ahead of us a tough class struggle against the internal enemy: the Ukrainian oligarchic bourgeoisie. And this is precisely our struggle and our responsibility: the responsibility of the Ukrainian working class, and not of the Russian imperialist occupiers.”

With the strategy of socialism

In Eastern Europe, in Africa and throughout the world, the bottom line for which we organize is to support the struggles to defeat capitalism and its representatives, so that the workers and the people may govern. With full democratic freedoms and social rights, without exploiters, oppressors or bureaucrats, something that can only be achieved with a socialist system.

Oleg Vernyk, Ukrainian Socialist League – Chaiaa Ahmed Baba, ISL Western Sahara –
Rubén Tzanoff, Socialismo y Libertad – Spanish State