Portugal: socialist candidates for the European Parliament

Electoral Manifesto of the MAS to the European Parliament

No more privileges for bankers, administrators and politicians

We need an Europe-wide minimum wage of 1,300 euros

The Socialist Alternative Movement (MAS) is running in the elections of the European Parliament on June 9, 2024.

In a European Union which policy defends, above all, the interests of the big corporations and bankers, and which now also is carrying out a war policy, it is more necessary than ever to establish a strong opposition to those who claim to be the “Owners of Everything” and exploit the workers and the people. The candidacy of the MAS includes not only a broad trade union representation in the workers’ struggles in Portugal but also the representation of the trade union struggle led by the Portuguese emigrant community. With a majority of female candidates, the ticket of the MAS expresses a program of struggle that we have been developing on the streets, but also one we want to bring to the European Parliament.

No more corruption and privileges for politicians and administrators! No more privileges for high officials and MEPs, with per diems of more than 47,000 euros per month.

The list of MEPs’ monthly salaries and per diems includes a basic salary of 10,075 euros, a duty allowance of 4,950 euros with no receipt, 425 euros for transportation, a daily attendance per diem of 350 euros (which can reach 7,000 euros per month) and another 28,550 euros for staff costs and support activities. All this adds up to a monthly average of 47,000 euros, which multiplied by the five-year term in office yields the modest amount of 2,820,000 euros at the disposal of each MEP…

The European Union (EU) and Portugal are full of elites who live at the expense of the workers and who own the big corporations and banks that have dominated EU politics and the governments of their constituent countries. It is time for the elites to give us back everything we own! Our tax money can no longer be used to line the pockets of the friends of those in power: we want an end to all public-private partnerships! In healthcare, highways and transportation.

Big corporations and fortunes must pay more taxes: lower taxes on workers and the population!

The rich, banks and big corporations must pay their fair share of taxes: let’s put an end to tax havens and off-shores! We need an additional tax on the income of the large fortunes to lower taxes on labor, consumption and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to make way for investment in job stability and living wages.

A decent life for the population, that is why we want a European Minimum Wage for all workers. It is essential that our wages allow us to live! We need a European Minimum Wage of 1,300 euros.

We need to set a ceiling on the income of bank and corporate executives. We want a European working week of no more than 35 hours and a reduction to four working days, to achieve full employment! We want an end to temporary employment agencies! We want a job with rights so that every worker can organize his or her life! We want the restitution of labor rights and the repeal of the labor legislation imposed by the EU and the Troika that has taken away our rights! Public and private workers must have their full seniority counted. Young people and the population also need a decent life in terms of their right to housing, so we advocate for a strong investment of European public funds in a public housing plan, and for rents and housing benefits to be limited to 30% of wages.

For the defense of public services, to prevent the policy of privatization of services by the right and the far right.

The assets of the country cannot be in private hands: For public control of the strategic sectors of the economy to set prices and investment in public services! Not one more public euro for private banking. The profits must be used for investment in quality public services in health, education, housing and transportation.

The MAS also fights:

For the end of fossil fuels by 2030. Global warming has long been a proven scientific reality. If warming exceeds 3°C, the danger of extinction of life on Earth is clearly on the table. We have to stop it. It is essential to put an end to the burning of fossil fuels. GALP must be banned from drilling any more oil wells in Namibia. What’s more, in the first quarter of this year alone, GALP made profits of almost 400 million. GALP’s CEO earns 1.2 million euros a year in salaries and bonuses. We ask: has there been a significant reduction in the price of gas, gasoline or diesel? No. A disgrace, then. Ending the fossil economy by 2030 is the deadline set by science. MAS will add its voice in the European Parliament alongside the various environmental movements demanding the End of Fossil Fuels by 2030.

  • For the rights of immigrants, migrants; to free immigrants from mafias and promote the regularization of their work with decent contracts and salaries; we reject the double taxation of Portuguese migrants living in European countries;
  • For the defense of democratic rights, end of oppression. Out with racism and xenophobia.
  • For women’s rights, equal pay and access to professional careers. An end to sexist oppression.
  • For LGBT rights, an end to oppression and discrimination.
  • For peace and solidarity among peoples, no to war preparations. We oppose war budgets. The 5 billion euros that NATO spends every year to finance the war should be spent on quality public services and pensions;
  • In support of the people of Ukraine for their independence and national sovereignty;
  • In solidarity with the Palestinian people, we demand that the Israeli army be kept out of Gaza and the West Bank. No to complicity with genocide, the European Union must boycott economically, militarily and diplomatically the State of Israel.

For a Europe of the Peoples and the Workers!

For a Europe of Peace, not War!

On June 9, vote MAS!