France: The NPA will run in the European elections

At a time when the sounds of war are getting louder and louder, when militarism invades the discourse of the leaders of the states of Europe and elsewhere, when military budgets are soaring, it is essential that an internationalist voice be heard, asserting that the enemies of the workers are in their own countries and the need to build a unity of the workers beyond national borders.

Our ticket will be comprised of male and female workers, from the public and private sectors, students and young wage earners, who represent our national geographic implantation, as well as the dynamism of our party and its youth sector. A year and a half after the 5th Congress of the NPA, we will represent in these elections the continuity of a communist, revolutionary and internationalist political current, for which elections do not change life, but offer the opportunity to popularize on a much broader scale the urgent need to end capitalism.

Our ticket will be the voice of the rage and struggles of the exploited and oppressed on a continent where the vast majority of the population survives on wages, pensions and benefits undermined by inflation, while the big capitalist groups gorge themselves, in particular those who turn the blood of the people into billions in profits. Our ticket will defend the need for all the workers of the continent to unite in the struggle to conquer the means to live in a dignified way: 400 euros more for everyone, no income below 2,000 euros!

Our ticket will assert its radical opposition to this “fortress” Europe, bristling with walls and barbed wire fences against the men and women of other continents, which all the political parties in the service of the bourgeoisie have been contributing to build for decades. The political right-wing turn and the invasion of racist, nationalist, sexist and homophobic prejudices are not a spontaneous reaction of the working classes to the worsening of their hardships: they are driven and fed by the ruling classes, through those who govern in their name all over Europe, whether they are called Meloni, Orbán or Macron. We stand for open borders and freedom of movement and settlement for all.

Finally, we will assert that it is up to those who work, those who produce all the wealth of society, to decide their own destiny, the destiny of humanity as a whole and the destiny of the planet. It is time for another society free of poverty, exploitation and oppression. To achieve this, we do not trust any institution or political force that accepts a society divided into classes and based on the appropriation of common goods and resources by a minority of parasites.

This campaign will be totally independent from the institutional and reformist left, including La France Insoumise, which defends a program compatible with the preservation of capitalism. We would have liked the campaign to have been a joint effort of different currents of the far left, and we approached Lutte Ouvrière with this intention, but they declined our proposal.

We will be grateful for all the support of those who agree with the program we defend.